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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ADUX, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. I am having major dramas in my unit with the education standards of (particularly) junior soldiers. Many are coming out of the factory with supposedly Basic Skills level 1 (or 2 in some cases) in numeracy and literacy who are patently not to that standard. I have one guy currently who's chronically dyslexic, cannot spell, read or write and has passed out 8 months ago into a technical trade within our cap badge.

    The questions are: Has anyone got any current experience of the educational training given to new recruits? How is it delivered and tested? Is the system broken? What pressures are the phase 1 / 2 Units under and any bright ideas about what we might do to address the shortfall? I know the glib answer is that it's a chain of command responsibility / Unit responsibility but we're not funded, resourced or experienced in dealing with these issues. I'm getting excellent support from the BSDM in the local AEC but I don't have the time to bring these guys on as much as I should / would like when we're facing the current Op tempo and the competing pressures of PDT etc.

    Any info either on here or by PM would be appreciated.
  2. Can you still send serving soldiers to Beaconsfield for the joined up writing course? They used to work miracles. I sent a hopeless case and it changed his life.
  3. Not sure about Beaconsfield but the Basic Skills Development Manager in the local AEC provides excellent support. The main problem is, that phase 1 / 2 establishments I believe are funded and have external contracts in place to develop these skills but from what I’ve seen, there are several who are clearly not at the standard they should be when they arrive in Field Army Unit and are therefore useless to us in their primary trade until we've got them up to speed in the basic skills for them to go on their trade training; I don't resent that per se and have to dry my eyes and get on with it, it's just the fact that the organisations charged with and funded to bring them on, aren't.