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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by D-Runner, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. Iv been reading the forums and notice alot of topic about a basic skills exam, iv already did my barb exam and the first iv heard about the basic skills test is through this forum.

    Does everyone sit a basic skills exam because as far as i was aware the only other test i might need to do would be technical trade exam at selection.
  2. it is done ths same time as the BARB test
  3. Its the numeracy and literacy test ya do on the computer at same time as the BARB.

    TST is piece of piss by the way too at ADSC
  4. I did my barb exam last month and never did basic skills test. I got a list of jobs to choose from i picked the dragoon guards went for interview then changed my mind and now want to go into RLC , Iv got another interview now. Mabe they will want me too take the exam now because im going for a more technical rather than combat type trade (no offence ment ). If this is the case a bit of notice would have been great to give me time to study since i'v been out of schools for years and cant remember much.

    or mabe they messed up and i dont need to do it,
  5. You will have to do it at some point, i know of guys who did it seperately. Its easy stuff, nothing harder than GCSE.
  6. Everyone does it, even infantry.
    It's not an exam per se either, just a simple multiple choice.
  7. Unless it was incorporated into the BARB ive never done them! but then again judging from my GCSE & Alevels i might not of needed to?
  8. I was pointing out that even infantry etc do it contrary to his implication they are knuckledraggers.

    P.S to runner, the point of learning is to retain knowledge, the excuse of "oooo but it was a while ago" isn't quite sufficient. That's the problem with the fecking education system nowadays, swat up just for the test and forget fecking everything, pointless bloody exercise. Complete farce. All about the handing of certificates rather than of learning.
  9. The information you require is here.

    Basic skills entry level is the standard to which new entrants are assessed. This standard fits in at the entry level of the National Qualification Framework (NQF). This is a very basic level and equates to:

    - Entry level certificates

    - English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

    - Skills for Life

    - Functional Skills at entry level (English, maths and ICT)

    This entry standard is placed below grade D-G at GCSE.

    For most people this will not be anything to worry about. I have seen the standard required for level 2 literacy and numeracy; the literacy assessment looks at spelling, punctuation and the correct capitalisation of letters, the numeracy involves very basic mathematics.

    Having read your post I would suggest that you read up on the apostrophe and its use, if you want help with basic maths go to the BBC site and look up GCSE Bitesize.
  10. Also, remember to spell I've correctly (not Iv)