basic skills assessment prior to enlistment?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I got my letter with my enlistment date/joining date.

    one the letter it states i have to have a basic skills assessment to be done at my recruiting office before I enlist.

    Somebody said to me you can fail getting into the army if you don't do well enough on the tests, although i am sure they are talking out of their ars* becasue I assume ive passed all the tests

    Im guessing it is what it says in the letter just an assessment of my basic skills (maths and english?)

    does anybody know anything more about this and how much relevance it has on anything (obviously i will do my best at it)


  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    If you've been given a joining date and been accepted for your chosen trade then I can't see an issue?

    What trade are you joining as? Do you feel your lacking in any areas?
  3. got my first job choice as technical supply specialist in the Royal Signals

    Obviously passed the BARB test enough for that job role, and I'm sure as some of you know you have to do a technical selection test at ADSC aswell and i passed that for my first choice, so yer i'm definitley (as much as I can be at the moment)

    I shouldn't have listened to that idiot that said it was a pass or fail!, it will hopefully just be an assessment, i;m sure theres no pass or fail, i hope!

    basically my english is reasonably good, but my maths isn't too good at all, then again i passed the TST test for my chosen trade so i can't see this basic skills test being a bar

    Still working on my; press up's, sit-up's, pull-up's and 1.5 mile and 2.5 mile running :)
  4. I believe it is part of the government policy to test all people who are employed as public servants. I saw today that teachers who have pass their degree but not their key skills, will not get registered. The government is now realising that 10 years of crap schooling has produced people with a crap education. If you fail you get training to bring you up to standared.
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    To get promoted you have to have certain levels of Maths and English. This could be to asses these for the future?

    Don't worry. If you need to brush up they'll sort you out with a course. It may seem some time off now before you'll be looking to come of a board but sooner rather than later is always a winner. But hey, you've got Phase 1/2 to get through first!
  6. probably one of them bone key skills tests

    "bill is taller than bob"

    Q. who is taller?
    A. bill
  7. If you've been given a date of enlistment then it won't be something like a BARB, math or literacy test I don't think as you should've already done those...
  8. They used to do the basic skills Literacy and Numeracy tests at the same time as the BARB test a few years ago. ATRA then decided to do it at phase 1 and were considering doing it at phase 2. By the sounds of things its gone full circle and someone has decided to put it back to the ACIO to conduct ( they assess you throughout your application on listening and communication now anyway) Maybe a current recruiter on here will know the up to date policy.

    They used to be easy assessments before and you had to get Entry Level 2 or above which I believe was equivalent to an average 14 year old.

    Quite surprised its just before your attestation now though :? RG know best.
  9. do you mean to pass iron? or is it just an assessment, my english is pretty good but my maths isn't very good really, surely they wont fail my application if i dont get the minimum on the maths bit will they?

    even after i've got my enlistment date?

    fill us in iron, you're the man in the know
  10. You need to get at least adult level 1 in Numeracy and English per Army Careers Office Online Chat.

    The numeracy part consists of nothing more complicated than things like looking at a bar graph and finding mean, media, mode etc, and also basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and reading measures. The questions are almost all presented in a 'problem' format. Eg You see a picture of a measuring jug filled to a certain level. You are told that each click of the mouse will add 10ml. Then you are asked how many clicks are needed to fill up the jug. Look up basic skills test online and work from there.

    Things like that.

    Can't remember much of what the english test consists of but IIRC there is basic spot the incorrectly spelt word type questions, basic grammar, reading comprehension and, imo the most tricky questions, listening comprehension where you listen to a short segment (eg mock Telephone message) and you are asked questions about the segment. Just practice this and you will be fine.

    Remember this tests adult literacy & numeracy, not basic skills lit and num. The latter is easier than the former.

    Edit: Go here -->
  11. I havent seen the new system with doing the basic skills after you passed selection so cant comment so best off speaking to your Recruiter. I would honestly say though you wouldnt have anything to worry about as when it was the old system I never had anyone who failed the numeracy and literacy and to prove how easy it was my then 10 year old daughter got Entry Level 3. Levels were EL1 (fail) then to pass the assessment used to be in order EL2, EL3, Level 1,L 2,L 3.

    I knew lads who got around 30 on the BARB but still got EL3 on the basic skills test.

    Like I said speak to your recruiter who will have up to date info.
  12. I can't believe that you can still fail?!, it says basic skills assessment , I didn't know if you don't get enough right they won't accept you, or

    i will try my best at maths, no need to worry about the english but I am by no means very good at maths.

    Hope this isn't true ill try my best at maths, but fingers crossed

  13. My two mates who went to bassingbourn in August didnt have to do a test after they recieved there dates and done their Oath's.
  14. Adult lit and num appears to be higher than EL1, 2 and 3s. In order of progession, EL1 , EL2, EL3, Adult L1 and Adult L2. (
  15. well i got 59 on the BARB test, so fingers crossed I will be ok.

    I know there is no problem on the english, I'll do my best to revise the maths, I've got the basic skills assessment booked in approx 2 weeks.

    Like you said iron, if people on BARB got 30 and level 3 then fingers crossed I will be ok.

    I don't want to fail now and tell my boss I won't be leaving after giving notice of resignation:p