Basic skills assesment for the paras

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 04mayb, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi, ive just passed my medical for the para's and i got a phone call the other day for a basic skills assesment. First of all im curious what sort of questions are in it and second why would para's who to be honest are infantry need to do basic skills. My friend, who is joining royal armoured corps doesnt and in my view i would think they needed to be a bit more skilled with their education?
  2. Everybody that joins takes the Basic skills assesment regardless of job choice (i wait to be corrected)

    Your statement about "why would para's who to be honest are infantry" need to do the test because this assists with the future of the individual ie Promotion etc. Be care full what you say i know some very educated infanteers who took the job by choice rather than by their education/Basic skills level.

    Combine this with your level of entry and your career is mapped out to a certain degree, so on your Barb test your code reflects on how well you have acheived ie. Para101 is low and Para104 is high.
  3. So it basically sounds like your saying 'paras are thick- they dont need basic skills'?? Im waiting for selection with the paras and had the grades and barb test score to go for any job/trade in the soldier role but went for paras instead ; on the insight course there were serving paras with degrees/medical qualifications etc. so id get that stereotype out of your head.

    p.s basic skills assesment is english and maths questions on a computer with no time limit.
  4. Exactly what suedehead said... :)
  5. I didnt mean to say the paras are thick what im saying is that my friend hasnt done it and got told he doesnt have to do it in a job where education results need to be higher. I also went on the course and ive heard what they all have in qualification levels. I was just wondering why the paras needed to do it and i got my answer. I didnt mean to stereotype.
  6. ok to confirm then, there are blokes from all walks of life going in and to make sure they meet a certain standard they must do the test... :)
  7. As far as I know everybody does these tests. The British Army is avaliable for Commonwealth citizens to join so the English test makes sure they can all understand and speak enough English to be able to operate properly in an English-speaking Army.

    The Maths test makes sure that you can do and understand basic maths.
  8. Thanks for the help.I didnt mean it to sound stereotypical i got told by my co thts only people who need gsce's to get into certain jobs do basic skills. proved wrong on that otherwise thanks for the help.
    should go okay im a b/a in maths and an a in english soo
  9. good luck m8 :wink:
  10. cheers. Btw what happens after the assesment isnt it the interviews?
  11. It is not just the army, all public services do a basic test including teachers. It came about because although people had passed qualifications they were unable to do maths or communicate. The army survives on counting things and sending memos, letters and op orders. Even as a lance jack you will have to write orders and count your sections ammo in stressful conditions.
  12. yeah you have 2 interviews, mine were both on same day then you do ADSC, oath of allegiance, CIC .
  13. isnt the second interview the one where the ask u questions on ur choosen regiment or are they both the same sort of thing?
  14. They were both basically the same but make sure you know why your choosing the trade and capbadge because they put you on the spot with questions that are hard to answer if you dont do some prep. also i had to do icebreaker in front of him.
  15. i got my date 4 catterick 22nd feb, and iv gota wait and hear from them 2 get a date to do the basic communication skills.