Basic Signalling Skills/Trade Training

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by JT0475, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. I don't want this to sound like another 'wasn't like this in my day' rant, but as I have been interviewing a few lads recently for a position in my team, a couple of questions have been raised about what is being taught as part of basic trade training/possibly even Basic Signalling Skills.
    Both of us conducting the interviews realise we've been out for a while now, but we've both raised eyebrows at ex Operators (who've all joined and left since 2002), not knowing the difference between AM and FM modulation - is RF theory/propagation not taught any more?
    Also, what's the current standard for passing keyboard skills these days? Used to be 55wpm IIRC for C3 RTG/TeleOp(TG) and DTG (must include the handbags I suppose!). One lad was quite proud of 28wpm keyboard skills - is this whats required now - thought it would have been higher, as I suppose most kit now is IS based (sorry, we know nowt about Bowman, other than when we left it was already much delayed!)
    Standing by for flak/abuse......
  2. 55 wpm - r u sure about that. I remember it being 36 wpm in 1991.
  3. Memory may be fading - maybe I am thinking about Class 1 requirements(I know I'm still up at around 55 - 60wpm these days). Could have been something to do with using a T100 (oh happy days!), and then getting up to using a water cooled keyboard when doing 602 Sig Tp assessment way back when.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    BSS in 1998 was:
    Basic VP
    Wire a plug
    Put a tent up and cam a Rover
    and a few other things.

    Trade training typing was 25wpm for all operators not including Rad Ops.
  5. What year did u serve with 602 JT?
  6. Definitely 36wpm in basic in '81. I think it was 42wpm for class 1 in '86. (T100 in basic, Trend on class 1).
    (thanks for including us handbags in your orignal post - very considerate of you!) :)
  7. Didn't serve in the troop - did the assessment in 1985 and decided it wasn't for me, but my Morse and Keyboard skills were pretty awesome when I went back to my unit - believe it or not I decided cabbying around Germany in a 43 was much more my scene (plus there was a bird involved in my thought processes, who wasn't on the scene when I originally applied!). My YofS was not impressed when I returned after the 4 weeks (I think that's how long the assessment course was - please correct me if wrong), but my troop staffy was well chuffed - words were 'glad to see you back T***y, you're a good soldier' - meant a hell of a lot, then he packed me off to South Georgia 4 months later to do a shed load of HF work!
  8. Fair do's all!!! :!: :p :!:
  9. Its now 55WPM for staff officers for sending emails and posting threads on ARRSE.
  10. I thought it was 55MB for staff officers emailing powerpoint presentations and vid clips.. The same ones.
  11. Fcuk me, 12 wpm? I still can't do that :wink:
  12. You tried taking your gloves off HTB? :lol:
  13. God, tying knots in D10 was smegging impossible - except for the smug TeleMech instructing of course, who made it look so easy.
    What about switchboard procedure - trying to connect you and all that on a 40/160 manual exchange.... :twisted:
  14. I can't, there still attached to my jacket...............