basic radio procedure protocol needed

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by redmenacemedic, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Working with a multinational/multi skill level construction team in the far east.
    Radio procedure at present, is a dogs din dins.
    A hash of multiple languages,come on back good buddy/rubber duck, and lound silences whilst the divi on air, tries to remember what he wants to say.
    add a healthy dash of folk trying to break in with their own important agenda(lunch time confirmation usually),and you get the picture.
    does anybody have a simple voice proceedure/radio use protocol that I can use.
    dont want to do an all arms sigs course,but a few simple proceedures will help.
    My medical team starts soon,and if I dont sort it out, it will be send three and fourpence,we are going to a dance very soon-and some poor sod will suffer.
    ex ramc medic
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  4. That is what i thought it would be, but the PDF linked above says differently, TB.

    Or have i just been Wah'd?
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  7. While I was working at Blackpool they had a rather simple system where everyone had to contact control to speak to another dept so it would go like this
    Beach 1 to control over
    go ahead
    beach 1 can i have talk through with beach 8 over
    control then put out the call being the only call sign with a big twig and there was no side chatter with people calling each other direct.
    On a good day though we picked up the taxi calls in ireland!!!