Basic quality G10 style watch needed

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jennie, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Subject line says it all..

    i want a standard G10 style watch.... nothing too expensive, what can yourecomend?

  2. Cheers Flash...

    We do not have them in our stores...

    as a training team..

    But will look at ebay but some things I prefer to buy new.....

    Cheers Jennie
  3. Do you know any armourers? I've just had to 1043 and 'scrap' a load from a recent inspection. I've heard a rumour that sometimes a couple of dead G10 watches can be stripped and made into one good one. I've also heard that sometimes they are scrapped even though they were in fine working order. Normally one for the the stores and one for the Armr. (Sorry none left at the now!)

  4. Check out the description of this watch! War Vet Watch
    Does that make it worth more? What a cnut!
  5. All lies I tell you......lies :D
  6. Just why do you need one of these? What is the matter with any other watch? Especially a cheap waterproof digital one with stopwatch, light and alarm on?
    Always wondered.
  7. If you are dead set on a G10, if I were you I would make sure it was a CWC, none of these MWC copies that people try to pass off. Or, can you draw one from stores?

    That said, there are other watches out there also, as C Hinecap notes.

  8. Probably not.

    He asked the question a year before you bought your G Shock.
  9. oops... didnt read the thread right through and didn't realise it was a resurrection.
  10. Yeah I seem to have rezzed an old thread, ahh well keyboard+monitor+booze=miracles...hurrah