Basic Pirbright 14th April 2008 - Any Good Advice WANTED!!

Well its ANOTHER thread i know, but would be appreciated, if anyone had any useful advice they could pass on to a future gunner. I have all the info i need like what to take, so need any other pointers that may help me on the way to passing.

Take a sense of humour,

Dont gobb off

If you see a baldy WO2 with a porn star tache, don't point at him and laugh. He doesn't like it
If during a lesson, you aren't fully confident you understand what is being taught, ASK. It is far better to confirm early on rather than continue training with incorrect drills, only to have to try and un- learn them later.
Remember, if you can't work out what is going on, the chances are other people don't either. Don't wait for them to ask, they may be silent because they are waiting for someone else too.

As D_S has said, don't gob off, but by no means be the silent bloke. Muck in, help out the other guys in your section that need it, and don't be afraid to ask if you need some.

Overall, enjoy yourself, and keep smiling. :)
Cheers people, will take on board what you said and just enjoy myself.
hi all.
ive got my interview wednesday and my recruiter said i only have this interview then i go to adsc could anyone tell me how long i will have to wait after interview for my adsc date. thanks in advance.
Not sure Booch, but there are a couple of recuiters who frequent these parts who will offer good advice. I take it from your avatar you will going for R ANGLIAN? If so which battalion?

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