Basic/Phase1 fitness tests

Heyup. Nembie here! I'm down for 14wks at Pirbright. I'm aware at end of basic there are fitness tests, what are they? I know some, 1.5mile run, ammo lift, jerry can lift, swim, pressups/situps? What are the rest? Anyone?
go on the army websit dude, its got it on there and its called MILITARY ANNUAL TRAINING TESTS (think thats right)

when u at pirbright then??? i start well MONDAY!
theres 2 different tests


RMT's are as follows

lifting a 30kg ammo box to a 1.5metre platform
timed situps for 2mins
150m jerry can walk
1.5 mile run


1.5mile run
max pressups in 2mins (minimum of 44 to pass)
max situps in 2mins (minimum of 50 to pass)

when i was in training i done 2 RMT's and 1 BPFA...
Many thanks for the info/feedback!!!
Start end of March at Pirbright.
In response to the info, i have just started the fitness booklet, and my 1.5mile time is 10mins(at adsc)-still 10mins, been out 3times this week. Can do 50 situps(arms folded across chest). 40 pressups at a push - need to work on this, get 20 no bother, 30 taxing and 40 knacked! also 3times this week. Do admit upper body strength isn't good.
I'm an elderly applicant(not giving too much away and all that)!!
But went out today on longer run, 3miles, and it was slight sleet/snow up north - did it in 30mins, comfortably, but not at high pace or push. Think i'll need to work on this. Think i'll do more 3milers and increase the miles every week or so.
At Phase 1 do you have set times for the longer runs to be completed in?
Do you do the longer runs in full kit or in your hi-tec trainers??
Any feedback???

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