Basic pay cut by £278

WTF, just looked on Armynet pay statement, and my pay has gone down this month, meaning Ill get £200 less after tax, pay is calculated yearly / 12 months now, so why the change now ? even so has SDR reduced pay ?

..or some cock up JPA can answer for ......when I back off leave :pissedoff:
it is only VAT thats going up and as we already pay 20% on wages unless you earn 37401 or more a year then you pay 40% on every penny over that amount

That's just about it.

Firstly everyone gets their tax-free allowance...

Then you pay basic rate tax on the first bit., up to a threshold ammount...

Then you pay the 40% rate on the next bit.

Averaged out through the year according to sets of tables.

More info about current rates and thresholds can be found here: HM Revenue & Customs: Income Tax allowances on the official tax collector (thieving bastards!) website.
Nope checked Nov 10 to Dec 10 complete difference in pay drop, not got LOA this is all basic pay, Im at level 7 of 7 High band (actually level 9 if it went that far).

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