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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by DrusstheLegend, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon All,

    i was after a piece of advice concerning the basic numeracy skills cse run by the local AEC.

    i transfered trade a few years back and was put through university. But before i could start the 2 year uni Dip HE cse, i had to do a 10 week foundation cse to get me up to speed on things.

    One of the modules was on Foundations Maths started at Level 0 , which on completion of the foundation cse gave me 12 ucas credits at level 3. Intense cse from basic to A-level standard in 3 months.

    I have supporting letters from head of ODP division and foundation programme director basically saying congrats ' 60 credits for the 5 modules'

    Now my AEC are saying it may not be worth a thing and will have to man it up the chain. and i have to possibly do the basic skills numeracy cse.

    only wondering where i stand as its another HOOP to jump through for something i've already done and wouldnt want to waste time doing something for nothing

    Thanks in Advance
  2. Give the AEC all the details and they will check. It may be exempting it may not-there are lots of quals out there so it is no surprise they hav sent it up the pipeline for clarrification. If you have to resit the equivalency test it is no great deal and not very time consuming. You will then end up with the current qualification. I would wait until the AEC get back to you and follow the advice they offer.
  3. LOL glad to see things haven't changed a great deal.
    Many years ago I turned up to my local AEC to do EPC(A).
    I patiently explained my existing technical education and maths qualifications fully expecting to get a "Bye" into the exam and 25% of the course off - loafing in the library.
    Unfortunately the wiley old b@stard from the RAEC knew exactly what the "equivalent" quals were and said "fantastic we're short staffed this month - you can do one on one remedials for me"
  4. Tipped up for a German language course in an 'unamed' German Garrison where the bloke next to me, having been of dual nationality (the son of a squaddie father and German mother), having went to German school, being obviously a native speaker....still had to do the test. Because the rules said so.