Basic military salary to go up 3%, lowest ranks get 3.3%

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gun_Nut, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Does that mean that Privates and Lance Jacks will get more of a TA bounty than others?

    I didn't think so.
  2. Still the same old shit for all you forces chaps. P*ss poor salaries will always be with you government slaves. PVR and earn a real wage.
  3. Thanks I have a real job already with a real wage with real mates with real job satisfaction now why don't you fcuk off you annoying little troll and large it elsewhere.
  4. Now how soon before food and accommodation rise by enough to eat 100% of the pay rise?

    And how much did the scum... errr respectable Members of Parliament demand?

    22%. Sweet.

    Do as I say not do as I do.


    PS I acknowledge that though they have requested 22% over 2 years, this has yet to be agreed (probably 8% per annum salary with an increase in non-taxable allowances)
  5. To Ducati916 - I suppose this is your dream bike which you would never be able to afford on your minimum wage. Real job - maybe!, real wage - no chance.
  6. Remeber that this is Current Affairs, not the Naafi. Don't trash the thread with your little man syndrome.

    Back to the thread:

    I wonder how much resource is used in determining 3%. Hasn't that been the magical figure for the last few years?
  7. Most of the rise will go on the new quarter charges, which are to rise quite steeply I understand.

    Edited, 'cos I was ranting at CDT_Dodger, then realised that this wasn't the NAAFI Bar!!
  8. Accomodation charges are going up by over 10% though and scoff is going up 3% on top of that.
  9. so they are rewarded with a measily 3%?? that will encourage them to stay in

    so why the national minimum if they are so valued?

    someone remind me what did our MP's vote themselves for their last payrise? sure they must be value for money :roll:
  10. 22% over 2 years has been requested if you read my post (before I attacked CDT_Mong)
  11. MQs charges rise from 2% to 13.3%
    and single accn 5% to 14.5%
  12. How the hell can they justify that rise? It's not like the service we are getting is improving. It's not, it's getting worse! I can see some people will actually take a pay CUT with those figures (but then, I'm no mathmatician)
  13. Its always the same, 3% in one hand, 3% taken from the other. Having done a quick calulation, I basically end up no worse off.

    ps CDT knob, my bike is not a dream, nor is it my dream bike.
  14. Well, it's above the 1.9% inflation rate, but when I saw the title of the thread I was going to suggest that 3% for the forces would probably mean 10% for the Westminster slime. To find my cynicism so quickly proved correct is no comfort.