basic med checks & why people might fail

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Proper_job, May 22, 2008.

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  1. apparently so, a select few people might be booted out of the Army during basic when the med staff get hold of their med records from the civ docs. what I was wondering, is what sort of things could trigger a boot.

    nobody is perfect, so option a) is it just down to something which is a current medical condition that you didnt disclose? or option b) you didnt put that you had a few headaches in the past or took a knock to the knee when you were 5 years old on your RG8, for example.

    I was just interested to know really, and im guessing some other people out there are genuinly concerned about it.

    thanks in advance for the info.

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  2. Depression, self harming, suicide attempt..that sort of stuff would be a bit of a no-no! but open to individual case assessment I believe is the current criteria
  3. If you deliberately fail to disclose a relevent medical condition then you will quite often be categorised as a defect on enlistment (or DOE)
  4. Heart mumur and Asthma are the big ones at the moment
  5. I suppose if you used to have a varicocele which has been operated on and you have some **** fissures your good to go?

    I'm asking for a mate, honest :D
  6. With asthma, its glarying obvious they should declare it or the applicant would be completely ballsed!

    Bearing in mind, im talking about when they arrive at basic which is the first time the army docs have access to their medical history as such.
  8. That's all good. I've had mine operated on and it's all but gone.
  9. There are lots of things that dont get put on the RG8 by GP's and applicants dont disclose on the paperwork or at the medical at ADSC. There are also other things that crop up whilst doing physical training whilst at phase 1 and 2. Ive had applicants Medical discharged from phase 1 and 2 for all sorts of things that are found out from hole in the hearts to someone with no collar bone. Obviously self harming in the past aswell is a biggy especially when the recruit decides to use that joker card to get out when they cant hack training.
  10. I am worried about being prescribed Voltarol (NSAIDs, painkillers basically) for headaches I was having this time last year. I don't get them any more, nor am I on medication for them anymore, but I can't remember if I thought or the Doctor thought they were Migraines or not. I'm just worried that might come up in the medical. D:

    More to the point, instead of people constantly asking the same questions, and then being told to use the Search feature, why isn't there a FAQ/Sticky thread here with all the usual questions like "I smoked weed for the past 15 years, will I get in?" and "I self-harmed up until last Tuesday, will I get in?" and "I have one foot, will I get in?" Stuff like that :D
  11. No collar bone????

    WTF did they leave it?
  12. If you are about to start basic then surely your ok as they would have found something on your RG8 that would hinder you and not even let you do selection in the first place ?

    If that was the case that you could be booted out at the start of basic then why mess on with a RG8 in the first place, the ADSC should just request a copy of all your med docs in the first place.

    When you arrive at basic I believe that the doctor looks to see if there has been any change from when you’re civilian GP last filled in your RG8. But I could be wrong!
  13. because I'm in the process of writing several threads (based very heavily on JSP 346, ok, ok, just basic copies of the various leaflets in JSP 346) which cover the medical standards for recruits. There is one so far on skin conditions. More will be following soon. As for your headaches/migraines, there are questions on that very subject when you fill out the medical forms.
  14. indeed you could be wrong. You would be surprised at the number of people who arrive at an ATR with previously undiagnosed conditions, for example heart murmurs. Many of these are investigated and turn out to be of no consequence. Some have deliberately lied, some things are forgotten about as it was so long ago. Can you remember everything medical from your birth to today?
  15. ooo no my position doesnt have anything to do with it, i was just posing the querie. cheers for the replies, i suppose that warrants an understanding..