Basic Lit and Num Test at ACIO

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ITMatt, May 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I know similar questions have been asked before, but I can't find the answer to this question - to what level is the key skills are they testing us to i.e. lvl 1, 2 or 3?

    How easy is it to pass the test?
    Any sample questions?

    EDIT: It is a basic skills test and not key skills test, isn't it?


  2. Entry Level One (Lowest level) will restrict your jobs to Infantry only
    Anything else and you will be fine
  3. I did my Basic Skills 2 weeks ago. Far far easier than I thought. I got lvl 2 in both. The parts where u need to know formulas(for area's/volumes) they give you the formula's. I dont think you can compare it to GCSE level, This is far far easier. Dont worry about it, its a doddle.
  4. its alright mate it just determines how you learn best i think. theres sound clips and that for guidance, if you do it after selection for example then how can it restrict your jobs, when youve been offered it already?!
  5. That's why you do it before selection :wink: .
  6. Not always the case fella. I've got mine a couple of days before I enlist.
  7. same for me, I did it after selection so.. THERE :p
  8. Let me clarify did you do your Basic Literacy and Numeracy after you had been to ADSC???
  9. confirmed. why not? the jobs require GCSEs not basic skills last time i checked.. but hey ho
  10. Okay, I admit I was wrong! My recruiter informed me both the BARB and basic skills tests would play a part in deciding what jobs I could and couldn't do. My mistake :D .
  11. Basic skills does not play any part what so ever in deciding your job choices.
    It is a simple basic skills just to see what level you are at, nearly every job does this now.
  12. Im doing mine in a few days, and I had selection last week :p

    Is it multiple choice on a computer kind of thing?
  13. Initial interview, Barb Num and Lit, Medical docs, Interview THEN ADSC???
    Just come off the Recruiters course and thats what we were taught????
  14. somes multiple choice, some is "spell the incorrectly spelt word in this document correctly" and stuff like that. fairly basic to be honest just briefly revise some basic principles and youll be on your way to sucess.

    on the start its got like this is not an exam its just an assessment or something so.. there you go
  15. I would imagine that if you have a GCSE in Math or English higher than a "C" then you are above Lit/Num lvl 1? Therefore doing the Barb test proves nothing other than being a confirmatory exercise?

    For those that have done/due to do the test after ADSC does that stand as a fair guess?


    Edited by me, once, because I clearly am not capable of any level of literacy!