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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Craigw81, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi folks, just a quick question. I start basic on monday and on my kit list it says you have to take swimming trunks and not shorts is this really the case or can you wear shorts?
  2. Im starting in pirbright soon, havent got this list yet but if mine says that ill probably bring shorts and trunks.
    if they make us all wear trunks, im prepared. If not? I have shorts!
  3. Dont bother you can use issued PT shorts for swimming, but as me and some others did we wore speedo's.
  4. If you are starting at ITC you will wear issued pt shorts nothing else.
  5. At selection the Corporal told use to bring Swimming Trucks (Black or Navy) not Swimming Shorts.
  6. I was told the exact opposite. Surely speedos should be removed from existence once and for all!
  7. Well said and seconded.
  8. "My Joining Instructions explicitly tell me to do this; am I allowed to do something else instead?" :roll:

    If it says trunks, you wear trunks. Next question...
  9. [marq=left]

    Its trunks take trunks!
  10. Yeas I have the 'Civilian to Soldier' book which I was given when I passed selection and it does say trunks, sadly...
    One comment I will make is I wish that they wouldn't give you about 3 different lists *sigh*. At selection they gave me two seperate booklets (including civilian to soldier) and I have just been given a list by my ACIO, so in total i have 3 different lists!
  11. May i just add that the civilian to soldier book was published this year so as it seems to contain the most up to date kit list I will just follow that...
  12. I think you are right!
  13. do you kno what i'd do?

    find the list that suits you. if one says shorts and you want shorts then wear shorts. in my swimming we wore issued shorts or combats as speedos are for porn stars and swedes!
  14. I ain't got the physique for speedos! I'll take both and see what happens...