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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by alansoap, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. Any advice for any kit i should bring with me for phase 1 training that isnt listed in the books from AFCO?

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Nope, take nothing! You shouldnt APART FROM boot polish!
  3. Porn, fags, chocolate, zinc oxide tape & cleaning gear (domestic & personal). Also a decent iron wouldn't go amiss.
  4. Cheers thanks.
    Whats the tape for? How do i use it?

    Would things like 'hiking' socks be a good idea? Ive seen them but there £10-£15 a pop, which is pretty steep.
  5. Any brand you recomend or just good ol' Kiwi?
  6. Black boot polish, 2 brushes and a silvo rag!
  7. I found specialist socks to be ineffectual though perhaps other members could recommend decent ones.

    The tape? Simple - just put a single layer on any prominence on your feet prior to any tab. The best places I found being your achilles tendon (tape running up & down, rather than sideways) & the outer bony prominences of your ankles.

    Just go into Boots or Superdrug. They usually do the tape for cheap.
  8. Take a good iron. For the love of god take a good iron. Even now two years later I still twitch at the memory of my completely ineffectual NAAFI piece of garbage.
  9. Dont worry about much else, like warm kit etc. you cant really use it anyway.

    I will never forget my training NCO telling a lad in my section to take off a woolly hat, because "he wasnt qualified to wear it".

  10. Take some tinc-benzine to put on your raw flesh once you have popped your blisters.Helps to harden the new skin.
    Not sure where you could get it these days tho.

    As others have said,a decent iron is a must.
    Also good brushes and Kiwi polish.Don't bother with parade gloss-it is cr*p.
  11. A quality iron as already stated and a sense of humour.
  12. Don't worry about the hiking socks you will be issued plenty of them and there will also be plenty of hiking done. The Zinc oxide tape is for strapping up your poor, sore and aching feet.

    For my basic I took a suit, civis, Iron, sports kit, wash kit, padlocks. You can get everything else there when the instructor has briefed you up. The NAAFI, PRI shop or Silvermans usually has everything you will need for the duration so don't panic about having it all now. Also the NAAFI doe's an extensive collection of porn but there will be plenty of it going around the block by the end of week one.

    Don't lug an Ironing board all the way to depot unless someone is taking you there. You can buy a cheap one from the NAAFI saving you £20 plus you can bin it at the end because it will be trashed.
  13. Thanks for the advice everyone.

    I googled tinc benzine and it came up with another arrse thread. Sounds painfull.

    So if I brought some thermal base layer Lifa top or somthing i wouldnt be allowed to wear it?
  14. You probaly would get away with wearing it but if you wore it and thought you were Rambo then they would probaly smash your head off the trees. Just wear it when in your harbour area during routine. Don't say things like "this top is well gucci man, better than that c*ap".

    Don't go buying loads of cool, Gucci kit. The best recruits tend to be those who live off what thay have been issued. Instructors generally look down on people who turn up with things like bowie knifes, chest rigs and balaclavas. Stick with what your given and you will be fine.
  15. Just to say again, A GOOD IRON.

    Wish i had been given that advice before i tipped up at training