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On my list of exercise equipment for Lichfield it says I need 2 metres of 20mm wide black elastic. Can anyone one tell me what this is needed for? and more importantly, where can I buy it from?
It is need for your helmet for NBC drills. You can normally buy it at the the naafi at Lichfield if not try a haberdashery department of a store!! God I'm gay!!
To make a really rubbish 3rd world army fashioned strap to hold your non-kevlar best-we-could-get-for-the-money helmet on when you wear a respairator. Probably you could get it from a dressmaker, or a 3rd world army.
To make the respirator strap and also to make straps for your webbing so that you can look like a tree :D
The person who needs 2m worth of elastic to make a chin strap must have a Desperate Dan size chin!!:)
Ronnie8781 said:
God I'm gay!!

I think that's another thread entirely there Buddy! 8O

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