Basic Freefall Parachute

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mongoose, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Since no-one cares about the training wing I thought I'd post here too,

    The RSM waved a form with some dates on in front of my face and I said "why not..", can anyone tell me a bit about it? I can guess it involves dropping out of a plane in sunny Germany (I'm only going to stock up on the Apfelkorn)

    Anyone done it?
    Good course?

    btw I know there's a good few places left over the next month or two..
  2. Do you get yer wings?
  3. I take it you are going to Paberborn , only done a days course but it´s a a mega fun day ! If its wings youre after , do the Dutch para course in Texel , no bull. just jumping and enjoying the view !
  4. Not without P coy you may get a bloon type thing though on yer arm
  5. It's adventure training, a few static line lobs before going onto free fall (if you are good enough at dummy pulls).

    You do not get any 'wings' and rightly so seeing as it is basically a civilian parachute course without the physical thrashing of P Coy, AACC etc.

    You walting cnuts.
  6. Did the course back in the late 1980's and had a fecking brilliant time!

    For any walts out there, no wings and no balloon badge! However, you can say at the end "At least I can be trusted to pull my own 'chute."

    Every CR I've had since has had "Basic Free Fall Para" in my Spec Quals. :roll:
  7. You can't wear the Dutch wings unless you've qual'd to wear the Brit ones.
  8. The JSAT Basic Freefall Parachute Course at Bad Lippspringe is a well run course, with good instructors, good equipment, and a rare chance for TA soldiers to get themselves a couple of weeks in Germany at next to no cost and without green kit.

    It is an introduction to civilian sport parachuting which will, by the end of it, give you a good grounding of the sport and set you on your way to getting qualified if you wish to carry on. My advice..... go for it.

    The 'Dutch Wings' course at Texel is over priced and gives you no real qualification at all, considering the Dutch don't have any Para Units. Don't bother unless you are really 'walt' enough.
  9. It's the thinking man's parachuting ..... a few jumps on the "dope rope " if you get that right they let you pull your own string ...did the two week course many moons ago .........great fun !!!

    And whatever anybody tells you ....the second jump is always the scariest cos you know what's coming !!!
  10. woowoo, thanks guys. Sounds fun
  11. Really? I could've sworn I'd seen Dutchers winged up at Altcar.
  12. Until you've left a Hercules at 650 feet, with 100lbs plus strapped to your legs, with 89 other blokes in the aircraft and another 8 aircraft dropping at the same time, on the same DZ, you haven't come anywhere near a parachute descent!

    (Before anyone comments I do skydive too)!
  13. If it's run by the Army, be careful. Defence cuts can strike at any time.

    I've been on exercise with a chit in lieu of ammo. I'd hate to think of jumping out of an aeroplane with a piece of paper in my hand instead of a parachute strapped to my back.
  14. Geordie,

    That'l be a bite then :wink:
  15. :D