Basic Foot Drill - Document required

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TheCiscoKid, Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know the location of a decent Internet-sourced document detailing basic foot drill etc? I've searched the forums 'PEDIAd, and Googled to no avail. I made a lot of notes on my TAFS course but it is obviously difficult to write about foot drill whilst standing to attention. 8O

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. try youre recruiting team, or ask you SSM. Im sure theres a book sum where, with all the info you require in it.
    Or if all else fails, do some drill in front of the RSM, and if youre doing it wrong, he will soon correct you if youre wrong. 1-2-3-1.
  3. Surely all you need to know is

    coming to attention, open order right dress, stand at ease, fallout
  4. I would assume that it depends what unit you're with.

    It all got a bit confusing when I was learning drill, as we had two different people taking us for drill lessons one day, each with a different way of doing things. Apparently both ways were right, it just depended on which unit you came from (???). About turn on the march comes to mind, we learned two very different ways of doing this, which made us look like a bag of sh1t when the two classes joined back up and tried to do it. One method called the about turn on the right foot, the other on the left foot.
  5. Was that your Guides Drill book Stevie. :roll:
  6. nah it was the only thing i could find to help him out
    i know it has heading on it but when u read throught it the drill is identical to ours

  7. I would love to.. but I'm with an Independent unit and my RSM is 4 hours drive away, so there is no opportunity for that sort of thing. Thanks for the PMs and responses on this one though.
  8. I don't think you should be teaching drill unless you have done the course.

    Don't you have any suitably qualified instructors that can help?

    And don't ask for a Drill Manual - those not worthy should not look directly at it. :p
  9. & I'm not worthy, thank truck!
  10. But not when you've just had the snip as I found out.

    Cisco kid, order Army Code No: 70166 (Revised 1990)
  11. I'm looking for a similar thing only for Rifle Drill, I have a Parade coming up in May & need a few pointers, can't find anything anywhere :(
  12. Do you mean Rifle ie drill with weapons of or Light Div drill in which case get your PSI to speak to RSM of 1 RGJ (not 2 as I know he's never been interested in drill :lol: ) he should be able to help or speak to someone at RHQ at Winchester