Basic feb 5th 07

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mattlee, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. Hello all,
    Is anyone starting basic on the 5th of feb at Pirbright...?
    If so it would be cool to get to know you in advance as it
    will be nice to know someone before 14 weeks of (....) hmmm add word please.
    cheers matt.
  2. Mlaaaar?
  3. what does that mean?
  4. 1. Well done on getting through the selection process and getting a place in training. Welcome to the start of a bigger world for you.

    2. The army works off communication, both verbal and written.

    3. You spell like a mong. Buy a dictionary and then look up punctuation.

    4. The army requires you to read and write. So far you don't seem to be able to do one of them.
  5. sorry but ive edited it now
  6. Don't expect this lot to be nice to you, they enjoy taking le royal p!ss out of everyone who's just got through selection ;-p
  7. good luck mate
  8. good luck mate i have a mate who instructs a pirbright PM me and i will give you his name so when you get to pirbright you can let him know how many sugars you want in you breakfast tea!
  9. hehehe 00nate you was at RSC with me wasn't you...?
  10. wheres was urs at i thought mine was at lichfield bt i had to go pirbright they said something about because im a girl and there was only boys goin to lichfield on the date i was spose to be going.
  11. Did you both manage to pass your tst with spelling like that?
  12. Yeah I imagine they probably got stuck on the crossword....
  13. yes as the tst is a maths test...
    and 00nate my RSC was at litchfield.. so guess we wasn't together
  14. I think you'll find that in HM Armed Forces we enjoy taking the piss out of everything and everyone. Including ourselves.
  15. mattlee, What corps are you joining?