Basic Drill Course

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SgtSlaughter, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. SgtSlaughter

    SgtSlaughter War Hero

    I am due to go on the Basic Drill Instructors Course in November.

    I am just looking for advice on what to take, what not to take, what to expect etc etc. I have heard about "the bush" but that was in Pirbright. The course is now in Catterick.

    Not looking forward to bulling boots again. Not done it in a long time. I had boots with tornado nose cone paint for years. they were immaculate.

    I had previously posted this on the Sigs board (my cap badge) but didn't get a great lot of advice.

    GLESGA-NED Guest

    You didn't get a lot of help in the Signals Forum, Jeeees because it's Basic Drill mate go fcuking figure. What do you want all the lessons?. Take those boots with the nose cone paint though, you'll go down a storm.

    Just think Basic Drill, Nov cse, R Signals, Painted boots. Drill Wing staff perusing threads on Arrse. Well done.
  3. SgtSlaughter

    SgtSlaughter War Hero

    Not a hope in hell the boots are gong on the course with me. I am friends with a few ex-guards so have the bulling part sorted now.

    Not looking for lesson plans etc just a bit of friendly advice about what to expect.

    I posted it on the Sigs board because funnily enough there are some signals out there who have done the course. It's not rocket science.

    GLESGA-NED Guest

    Well with all your Guards pals you'll be sorted then won't you. No need for bonk questions.
  5. SgtSlaughter

    SgtSlaughter War Hero

    Just because they are guards doesn't mean they have done a course does it?

    Are you really that thick or are you actually a ned who lives in trackies?
  6. QLR.MFC

    QLR.MFC Crow

    The best advice is this, ENJOY IT, take a few pairs of boots (make sure they fit) and a bedblock if they still make you do them, its like no other course you will do forget about what rank you are and enjoy it, as long as you can get on parade no matter how much you have had to drink you will be fine oh and if you are married start a slush fund!
  7. mokaroux

    mokaroux Clanker

    just be very prepared to get your arse beasted! :)
  8. Ex-Minden

    Ex-Minden Clanker

    A sensable answer is:

    Learn the wording asap on the JI's "Taking you a stage" etc. You will finish 3 /4 o'clock every day so you can start to prep you next day lessons (2 or 3 a day).

    Drinking: There are only a couple of organised functions on the course now, so the old days of it being a piss up is no more.

    Just have a laugh, no bed blocks either, but room inspections and show parades. If you take them to serious you will snap.

    And call them Sir, although they are CSgt's!!!!!!!!
  9. SgtSlaughter

    SgtSlaughter War Hero

    Cheers I am in the process of trying to learn all the steps and stages word by word.

    I was looking forward to the drinking every night! From what I have heard the new RSM disagree with room inspections as the course is for learning to teach drill. Whether that is just rumour or not I will find out in due time
  10. Thedesertfox

    Thedesertfox Swinger

    Black gloss model paint for your bayonet frog, No2 dress shirts - quite a few, brasso and rags, nail brush for cleaning buff belt or equivalent, brown paper for pressing your No2 dress uniform and all the other stuff on your loading list. I did the senior's course in 2003 and loved it, just have a laugh take nothing personally.
    Best course I have ever done