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Evening All

Just received a form in the mail to apply for a Basic Disclosure. I'm currently on the waiting list for RMP with an A grade aiming for a potential May intake (fingers very crossed) after some research it appears vetting is of course needed for certain roles that deal with sensitive information i.e INT/RMP, signals etc...

2 questions.

Anyone else received one?
Should I get my hopes up that I may be getting called up soon?

I already have a basic disclosure through my current employer anyway but ill still give em a bell and see what's what.


Less typing and more filling them forms. Sooner you get that filled in and sent off the better. I wouldnt get any hopes up until you receive that all important letter/email stating you start your training on whatever date you do. Certain Roles like you stated Int/RMP will require a vetting check yes. So most likely everyone will have done one of these. Good Luck.

sup rec

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If it is the blue disclosure form then everybody has to fill one out. Otherwise it could well be the RMP vetting form. Either way it doesn't mean you are loaded to training yet.

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