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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hotshot85, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. edited for stupidity
  2. Well i'm due to start basic on the 22nd of October at Pirbright. Perhaps you will be going on that date; all being well with your selection?
  3. Dont forget youve also got to fit in the 2 day PRE Select for Ammo Tech Aswell between Selection and basic
  4. Cheers, didn't now about that AT PREselection - any ideas whats in it?
  5. Any ideas...yeah...once youve done your Selection, youll then get a dated for the preselect, given a DLP - Distance learning pack, which contains allsorts of questions, from maths, about you, abou the area, about the army. carrer strcuture are also shown..

    That gets marked, whilst on the two days, you have some presentations, visit places to do with EOD (Felix centre), take a look at what they do with the munitions in the ammo dumps.. get carted around left right and centre...the first da i dont think we did muh to be hohnest, just the visits....then the next day we had annother maths "test" aswell as whats in the DLP and then we had interviews in the afternoon and sent on our merry way

    It was fun really, go to the bar/NAFFI Club on the night for drinks (those that are legal of course) no PT. just an enjoyable insight really..

    Any Q's fell free to ask..allthough ill be gone on sunday
  6. theres another intake on the 15th of oct see ya there
  7. It depends on the job your going to how many courses are run throughout the year. If you were going jos like driver, infantry, RA, RAC they have phase 1 and phase 2 places every month. Theres not a many technical job intakes though and even though you all do the same basic training they dont want you hanging around for your trade course too long after passing out so thats why basic training courses go on the CEG your going.

    As said by Swifty once you hopefully pass selection you still have to do your AT selection then if you pass that you will be put on the next available course which may take quite a while. Just have ood back up second and third preferences just in case of any problems and listen to the advice from your recruiter and PSO.
  8. Iron, that is JUST and Advisory board, you do it before phase 1 (unless your allready in the army and transfering) adn then when y ou come out of phase one you have to do the Proper AT selection, which thereafter if you pass youll be on a AT course
  9. I realise that and recruited a couple of AT's a few years back, but once you passed selection soldier allocations will still only load you on the basic courses for the AT slots available so your then able to go straight onto the AT selection. It doesnt pay to have soldiers who have passed CMSR hanging around in holding platoons waiting for the next AT selection and courses to start. As said limited courses thoughout the year for this type of trade and other technical trades. Each of the ATR's have so many places for phase 1 for different trades and cap badges as directed by ATRA.
  10. Cheers, have just been offered the opportunity to go and work in Afghan as a general bod for a company which shall remain unnamed, but I'm considering it, I did much the same doss job last year in Iraq for a few months to save some money and the same again in Kosovo when I was 17. Have set my heart on the Army but perhaps it'd do to get a 6 month insight into the other war zone i'll be almost certainly sent to when I join up? or maybe I'm just wasting time? 21 now and fixing for a career in the Army.
  11. Im 22, and im sure im gonna be the oldest one at phase 1. That is the most daunting aspect for me right now.
  12. Tell me about it - I'll be 27 when I start!
  13. And I will be a grand old man of 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (although it is my 2nd time around :) )