Basic/Combat Infantrymans Course

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by toffeeman, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Alright lads,

    Just a question with regards to training. I understand Guard and Parachute regiments are separated from other infantry regiments during training. Is the training for the Guards regiments slightly different (apart from the two weeks extra drill) or is it basically the same?

    If it is the same why are the regiments separated?

  2. It is the same syllabus, but obviously the Guards do more drill and Para's do more physical training. Initial Training Group (ITG) set the course syllabus and has set Training Objective's/Exercise Objective's(TO's/EO's) these are not deviated from.
  3. paras at vimy do 88 pt sessions in 26 weeks, the rest until recently did 44, now with the new programme its 66 i think.
  4. i done more than 44 fcuking pt sessions at catterick, and that was before it changed to 26 weeks

    was 24 when i done it
  5. The cms has about 3 pt sessions a week, take a couple out for ex and adventure training, thats about 30 lessons in 14 weeks, im sure infantiers would do alot more then 44.

    But then there varying degrees of pt i guess, they work harder.
  6. Blobmeisters hit the nail on the head and answered your question, lol
  7. just going by what the platoon sergeant told us, cause the new pt programme was introduced when we were in week...9 i think
  8. that averages at less than 2 a week

    we had at least 3 pt sessions in the gym, plus battle PT/tabs/assault course/steeplechase etc

    all adds up to more than 44 without a doubt
  9. 3 pt session?

    my timetable is like 4 or 5 a week every week during the cms r IIRC
  10. i didnt count an exact amount obviously
  11. if i remember rightly the new course programme come into place just as i was leaving

    april ish
  12. finally came in in middle of october - still dont think we do enough pt, usually 1 circuit training 1 tab and 1 run a week, occasionally a steeple chase/assault course thrown in
  13. Shows how much I know, I figured I'd be doing hours of PT every day if I get in...

    I guess it must add up though.
  14. You've got to be joking.
  15. Just had a look at the recruit diary I was given, it shows we do P.T nearly everyday. As I would expect.