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Has anyone got experience of the All Arms Basic Close Combat Skills (BCCS) Instructor‏ Course (formerly B-Tac) held at Brecon? Im looking to get on the Feb 2012 course and my PSI and Squadron seniors dont as yet have any info on the course and they dont know anyone who has already been on the course. Any info would be greatfully received.

Spoke to the SASC guys in IBS when I was up there earlier this year, they called it "mini-brecon" as it involved lots of running shouting and firing your rifles

Essentially its 2 weeks of setting up and running various Battle Lessons and Exercises
Cheers tears, i'll check that out.
Completed the course in June. Very good learnt a lot. Instuctors were first rate. No bulls**t. The course is designed to teach you how to plan and conduct BE's & BL,s. There is a live firing package and you'll receive the M qual at the end. My advice would be work on your fitness. You'll be taught all you need to know and more on the course


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Have a word with Mrs Murdoch - she looks pretty handy.
Cheers Gideon, im a PTI so the phys shouldnt be too much of a problem. Forgive my ignorance but what are BE's, BL's and the M qual? Is there are range or SAA type stuff worth looking into before the course?

BL = Battle Lesson i.e. 45 min lesson on Section Attacks
BE = Battle Exercise i.e. setting up the scenario that leads to a section attack, with CASEVAC etc

M Qual = SA (M) (07) = Qualificaton to Plan and conduct for blank firing activities with
Infantry Weapon Systems and Pyrotechnics. i.e. The qual to do all the above with blanks

You don't need anything (apart from Sub Full Screw and DIT) but experiance in writing EASP/RASP could be useful, I have my B qual already, but its not essential, I'm hoping to get on the course in Nov, although not looking forward to running around being a man of advanced years so to say
Did it a few years back so may have changed but be prepared for a lot of crawling up streams. It's a pretty physical course. Good/bad thing, depending on your view, is that you are likely to be the only or one of the only TA soldiers on the course. JIs are on armynet, useful for the kit list and knowing what whts you should have when you tip up. It remains my favourite two weeks in my time in the TA despite the pain!
Cheers Wellyhead, i dont envy your position, im lucky enough to be doing this early in my career. If you get on the Nov course i would really appreciate a heads up in advance of the Feb course.

Emperor, sounds good to me. Im not very familiar with Armynet, any chance of a link?


I did it in Mar this year and was hard graft at times ....

Good cse but never used it since and probably never will
I understood it that each sub unit should have an instructor, i suppose it depends on how many guys you have going on ops. We deply guys every 6 months so im hoping to be used regularly!
We have 1 or 2 guys every so often going away but it's left to Optag to to sort them out.....

My comment is that we used to do 1 Inf w/e a year and every exercise used to be tactical and at least 1 week of camp was inf....

Now there's no inf weekend, most weekends are now non-tact and pure trade and camps 100% trade.

Not knocking the above as we have a lot of work to do to get better at trade and focused on role BUT I think we should still have a small amount of basic fieldcraft skills?

Looks like the Corp guys that want to keep their field skills up-to -date will need to transfer to a mil training team? (a bit like the regs)
Genuinely asking here - i'm Infantry so doesn't effect me really but I thought the idea of genning Corps lads up ref basic tactics was a good one.
Every non infantry unit is supposed to have a BCCS Instructor, I read the original letter when they formed the course

The point of it was that some non inf units where turning up for pre-deployment training whose basic skills were a little lower than desired because they either didn't bother in thier units or were being taught by a crusty SSgt who last did "Infantry" training in basic back in the 80's, the purpose of creating these BCCS Instructors was that when a unit is warned for ops it can do its in house training to bring them up to an exceptable level for the training team as well as keeping the skill fresh all year round.

Now to question over if there is no qual why the point, becuase it teaches you the new skills to pass on, you do get the M qual which means you can act as ECO but as long as you have a qualled ECO write your EASP there is nothing stopping you running a BL/BE with blanks.

Thing is you don't need a qual with a lot of things, for example, you don't have to be a drill instructor to teach drill
however training units will have polices in place saying you do.

I will give you an example, you don't actually have to be a SAA ins to teach rifle lessons, you could tell Pte Bloggs to so show someone how to do load, unload etc

However you do need to be a SAA ins to take a WHT

Thing is Pte Bloggs may not know the drill correctly himself, nor have the skillset to teach a SAA lesson (having a DIT doesnt cover that, there are subtle differences) nor will he know the correct updated publications and know to bring him up to speed

A SAA ins will do

Thin kabout how many shoddy section attack lessons you have paod witness to, this course, in theory should do away with that is it will not give you the qual to take a BL/BE but it will give you the ability

We have many the same issue, especially about ATP being 100% trade, however we, the TA personnel oppsed to the reg staff, tend to change things, mainly do to having, for the first time in a while, and active unit training officer (well WO2)
Arrse onist

Wellyhead answered your question in his post. To expand on this make sure your kit is as per JI's. Take a lap top and discs for your EASP's. You'll be shown how to draft one, and spend most of your evenings in week one constructing your own. Get someone to run through WHT with you and if possible get your SAA inst or PSI to run you through WHT on trip flares and other pyro.

If your really keen read up on section battle drills and the 7 questions (loads of posts on the site).

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