Discussion in 'Infantry' started by GunzablazinUK, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. I'v just done my BARB test and sent off my medical forms and am now waiting for my final interview and selection training date.

    I have decided to go for Infantry and was told by my ACIO that i would be applying for the Royal Anglian regiment as i live in east Anglia.

    I would just like some advice on what to expect and what my training will consist of at the 22week course at Catterick.Also some info on life as an infantry soldier would be much appreciated

  2. you have 22 weeks of hard work to look forward to followed by 22 years in the finest Army in the world, Enjoy yourself.

    Oh yeah, Catterick, richmond and darlo are good on the lash but DO NOT get hitched up with a COLBURN COMMANDO
  3. Erm, seeing as I start at ITC(C) in 2 weeks, I figure I'll ask this, what's a Colburn Commando?
  4. If you are really unfortunate you might bump into me. I promise I'll be gentle with you but my pace stick does seem to have a mind of its own.
  5. Most of the Colburn Commandos are now married to Guardsmen.......thank the Lord.
  6. There is also the issue of doing the Colburn walk of shame. I know a Lt Colonel who ended up doing it after a function. No names no pack drill.

  7. Oh yeh and avoid Jesters and shoot road in general nothing good happens there!!
  8. Yes Sir ,il do my best to ensure i stay well away from the back of the pack

  9. Lairdx has you marked now, I think :lol:
  10. I'll keep an eye out for you my little friend. I think I have an ammo box somewhere in need of a good polish... Oh and a ceiling that needs buffing.
  11. And Don't Call me Sir you Knob. I'm not an officer. It didn't take the queens commision to make me a gentleman. I was born one.

    (Get used to this kind of thing.)


    Mother to 25 children,,all to different fathers

    aged between 14 and jurassic period

    not a penny to their name but know well that soldiers have cash in plenty and will spend unwisely if there is a shag possible.

    If you put 34 colburn commandoes in one room you may have enough for a full set of teeth(but doubtful).

    The name derives from the village of colburn where that evil house of drinking that was THE SCABS used to be.

  13. HaHa...Fairplay.. i was kind of expecting it already to be honest mate
  14. colburn commandoes sound like a nice bunch, haha! bring on CIC Para only 2 lovely weeks of freedom left!!
  15. Good regt to join. 1 R Anglian are currently in Iraq, normally located in Pirbright. I think 2 R Anglian are in Ireland at the mo.