Basic Battle Skills

Does anybody have any idea when this book was first printed? Does anybody have a copy which predates 1970? MOD, National Archives and TSO haven't been able to assist.
I used to have the predecessor to BBS, it was like a novel, same type of piccies (too much cam cream etc.) but more boring writting. Had some other stuff in it aswell How to make rafts out of jerry cans etc.
Buggered if I can find it, howeevr I have got Military science today, 1st printed in 1943 but re-published in 1953, has piccies of Valentine bridge layers as state of the art!
Will have a look and try post up piccies later if I can be arsed.
Military Science Today wouldn't be of any use to me, although thanks for the offer. If I knew when they changed over from the book you're mentioning to BBS that would help. Even better if you could find your copy and get the ref no's from inside the flyleaves.

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