Basic Battle Skills Book

OK on several attachements to Recruit Training over my many years I seem to remember there was once issued a Basic Battle Skills book for issue to recruits/ new soldiers. Does such a thing exist today?

I know there is supposed to be a new soldiers TAM with inserts but if I am right this will be a long time coming. Does the old book still exist and if so anyone got the stock number for ordering?

I produced a local version for an identfied gap in our training materials and got a b0ll0cking as it was not an official publication and may not be doctrinally correct (though it was lifted without interference from the manual!)

Apprecaite any advice on eth BBS book

There was the little A5 book with what looked like a cadet badly cam'd up on the front.....might still have mine that the thing you are after?

Probably way out of date by now...they'll have designed a new H&S approved method of crawling through the undergrowth by now.

I have 2 copies 1 in a buff colour and drawings painted by a 1950s artist issued as a junior bleeder and another with dodgy colour pics and a bloke on the front who looked like my bravo mfc badly cammed up with the first OG PLCE on why I still have these is anyones guess
3milesniper said:
why I still have these is anyones guess
I seem to have "The Army Field Manual, Volume 1,The Fundamentals, Part 1, The Application of Force" sitting on the shelf here for no reason as well...... 8O
Have you got Dii access?
If not, ask someone who has to type, "Electronic Battle Box," into the search engine.
It's a goldmine of all things DS.
(prints in A6 too!).
Dramas-PM me-but I'm not back at work till Mon.

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