Basic At Winchester

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Vinnylppd, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. Hey,

    Ive just finished training after 14 long weeks at ATR Winchester and i loved my time there!

    If you've got any questions about it let me know... specially if your going in the next 2 weeks because you'll be in my old troop! :p
  2. Hey, one quick question. I start tomorrow, and havent been told what to travel in. Suit or just plain clothes?
  3. I went in jeans, but as soon as you get there they make you get changed into suit and tie because the CO addresses u :)

    Also make sure u shave before meetin the NCO's... you'll be in B Company
  4. yeah im goin in on march 17th, what was the part of it you most enjoyed, and part you dreaded?
  5. hey mike am going 17 march 2 wot badge r u
  6. Sorry for the late reply - the bit you enjoy the most is the down time with your mates!! and the bit i hated was the beasting we always got before the assault course lol
  7. hey. ive got my adsc on the 4th of march and my phase 1 would be at winchester, is there any chance that i could get in to winchester for the 17th of march? at least i would have spoken to someone there lol
  8. Dont think there is much chance in that, i did my selection in october and got given march 17th date, so you might be looking at august time when you join.
  9. awww gutted! really want to start now lol, ahwell august isnt that far i suppose :(
  10. Unlucky mate, i went to my ADSC in September time so i have to agree you might be in for a wait.

    Il be there on the 3rd can't wait!
  11. my brother went for ADSC in sept and he got in a week later lol. oh well lol
  12. shame you got beasted before the assault course- what were you expecting ? Tea and biscuits ?
    Has anyone ever not been beasted before assault course ?
  13. probably only the PTI!!
  14. got a couple of questions for u much civi clothes r needed?? is the course exactly 14 weeks?? (planning on bookin a holiday straight afta)
    whats the longest distance u hav 2 run?? cheers
  15. don't take much civies to winchester you will spent the first 6 weeks in sex pests (ron hills and atr jumper) when not in combats or drill kit. take as little as possible you will only need civies for going out of camp on map reading and for france on week 5. have fun i did ha ha