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Basic at Winchester.

Not sure whether this is the right section to post this in but i hope you fella's can help.

I'm due to start basic training on the 17th September. I'm going in to be an Armoured Engineer and i was told by my ACIO and my interviewer at selection that i would be starting my basic at Lichfield.

However, i've just recieved my joining instructions, notice paper etc and it says i will be going to ATR Winchester. I haven't got a problem with this if its correct but i'm just wondering whether it could be a mistake?

No mate dont worry, there was plenty of sapper recruits at Winchester when I was there.

Apparently Lichfield is closing. Theres a big thread about it somewhere or other, training wing I think.
Yeah i got told the last recruits were heading there in April 2008.

Anyway, thanks for the reply...i thought they had got my Armoured Engineering mixed up with an RAC job.
It all depends where the Allocation people load the next course, even though its normally Lichfield if there is lack of applicants for certain trades and jobs and they decide to open up extra places for RE intakes they will put an extra course on. As said aswell part of Lichfield is closing down next year so there will be a draw down of potential recruits going. As long as your ACIO,271W (copy of contract) and JI's says Winchester then your ok. God luck

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