Basic at Winchester in June

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lee21, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Anyone going to Winchester beginning of June to start basic training?
  2. I start basic training at ATR Winchester on 30th April. The careers office has'nt been in touch much but everything is logged on the system so don't worry you hav'nt been forgotten about. I get the idea the British Army is sometimes a bit crap with potential recruits......
  3. What are you two going in for?

    Just trying to keep an up-to-date idea of RAC intakes accurate to the month.
  4. Nah, Im off for basic in 3 weeks at Pirbright!! Good luck to you though
  5. if your as gay as your fitness post suggests if think you will be made very welcome,the army knows how to deal with cocky,wise arse scrots like you! :thumbdown:
  6. RMP
  7. jibman, you will be happy to know I'm goin for RMP so the words cocky, and scrot will be words I'll hear on a regular basis. (Am I bothered?) As for the gay post, someone thought it would be funny to edit my post which is childish of a soldier but funny at the same time...... So what is cocky about giving my opinion on the careers office which I will be having more dealings with at the moment than yourself? eh jib........
  8. can you possibly talk english instead of that vicky pollard style garb you,ve written.your talking jibberish mate!!! :roll: couldn,t decifer your batco you fcuking scrot. :twisted:
  9. My apologies jibman
  10. seem's like he spoke clear english to me..
  11. Hey,
    Going through the application process atm should be done in about 3 weeks. I'm joining the Royal Armoured Corps. Any ideas when my basic training will start because i have heard i will have to wait until september!
  12. sam just hang on mate ive got my selection this thursday coming and am joining the royal arm corps.what stage are you at now
  13. Nope not me, Im off to Pirbright on the 30th of april, GOOD LUCK to you though!!! xxx
  14. Have got my second interview on tuesday to hand in my medical nd stuff then been told that selection will be a week or 2 after that but no- one can seem to tell me when basic will start
  15. Thats because they dont know when it will start for you mate, you will be told when your basic starts if you pass selection.