Basic at Pirbright 10 Sept 07

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by junica, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Anyone starting Basic Training at Pirbright on Sept 10
  2. yes mate i am, what you joining ?
    when are you getting all the details about september, they told me a few weeks before we go in.
  3. Im also going to Pirbright in Sep. 10th September? On my joining instructions I was told to be there on Sunday 9th September? What are you joining?
  4. I haven't got my joining instructions apprantley i get them 2 weeks before. I was thinking of doing somthing on the 9th sept, so i better check when they want us to be there. What regiment are you boys joining ?
  5. Yeah I would check if I were you as I got my joining instructions about 2 weeks ago already and I have to report on Sunday 9th at the train station, Not sure off hand what time. Never heard of basics starting on a Sunday but yeah. Call your careers office and nag them they should give you your instructions now??? What regiment you joining?
  6. I am joining the household cavalry, what are you joining ? Yeh ok i think i will ring them up tomorrow and find out whats going on, i was thinking of doing somthing on the sunday, so best find out before i make plans. What regiment are you joining ?
  7. Wot you joining ?
  8. Basic always starts on a Sunday, from the train station usually
    Do yourselves a favour, No hangovers, look smart, keep your heads down, try to refrain from gobbing off!

    Above all, Keep a sense of humour, and remember its a game, if you play it you will get through!
  9. Me too, where you travelling from Wilko23? Thanks for the advice armr617. Really excited now only 5 odd weeks away.....Pirbright is cool though I did my selection there from what I saw in the short time I was there. Any one out there know anything that you might want to share with us about Pirbright?????? Any other constructive advice????
  10. I will more than likely jump on the train, i am thinking i might go from watford. When i finish my casual job work in 2 weeks i am going to ring up the office and get all the instructions and everything else i need, then will have to go shopping to get the kit list stuff. Where are you coming from ? Have you ever ridden a horse ? Have you ever been in a tank ?
  11. Horses....well ridden them all my life so that part should go smoothly i guess, tanks no. Have you? Ive bought most of the stuff on my kit list thankfully its not that long but looks darn old as the list still talks about 12weeks basics etc.. so i hope we pitch up with the right kit....Im travelling from Aldershot so very short train trip for me.
  12. Chaps, do yourselves all a favour and do not go! The army will mess you up and drop you onto the junkyard when they cannot see a use for you anymore.

    The qualifications are partially useless when you leave the Army and you will not always be welcomed with the open arms policy that the Army suggests ex forces people get!
  13. each mans opinion for himself i guess
  14. yeh i have ridden fair amount as well. Never been in a tank either. I sent you a private message sunny-c. Anyone else joining me and sunny-c at pirbright on 10th sept?
  15. Hey mate i replied not sure if you got it.....getting close now to starting and cant wait