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basic at itc catterick

sjm88 said:
pass out feb 22nd, start final ex the day you start basic :eek:
i wouldnt worry, its not hard

are you doing it in garelochhead???

PS remember to pack a multi adapter in ur grip bag for warcop

as theres only 1 socket per room

edited for mongy spelling
you'll probably end up doing your final attack on the same old factory we did then

it was quality... about 15/20 TSS lads in there

the insertion is naughty though... up to ya shoulders in water at 1 point ;)
yeah we've been told the final attack is a fibua thing, its on my bastarding birthday aswell, deep joy eh. we did a coy attack on the fibua village just outside vimy on tacex 3 (whinny hill?) - there were 15 TSS guys spread between 3 buildings. cheers for the warning though

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