Basic at ATR Winchester: Exact joining date?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lee21, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. :frustrated:
    Was told by careers office that my joining month is June but wasn't told an exact date. Was promised that I would be receiving paperwork - that was 7 weeks ago. Nothing arrived yet. I need the info of the exact date in June asap. Am frustrated that after I passed all the tests the careers office doesn't seem to have much interest in giving me needed information.
    Can anyone tell me how long before the joining date one usually receives the exact date?
  2. I have known some people to recieve their joining dates 2 weeks before. Ring your careers office up and ask them whats happening.
  3. The last time I phoned the WO2 was very short and unfriendly (as if I was getting on his nerves). I even offered to go in to talk to him to find out details only to receive the answer - "There's no need for you to come in anymore, I shall send you the details/paperwork", which I've been waiting for since. I don't feel comfortable in phoning again due to his response during the last phone call
  4. This happens to everyone. Just sit back and enjoy the ride! Not much you can do now.. Have you done your oath?
  5. Thanks for the reply.
    No, I haven't done my oath yet? When does that usually happen?
  6. Well about 2/3 weeks before you start basic training. Don't worry.. This is just the British Army for you! You'll be fine just enjoy the rest of your civi life.
  7. Hurrey up and wait :)
  8. He's warming you up... Never expect a WO2 to be friendly to you. Especially not the ones in training. Just keep your fitness up and get used to being fcuked about... You have between 4 and 22 years of it to look forward to.
  9. Hurrey up and wait

    Sorry, I don't quite understand what you meant to say.
  10. The problem is: I have to give in my notice for the job I'm doing now in time before I leave for basic training.
    Where do I take the oath? I'm living in Germany at the moment.
  11. Joining Instructions are normally sent out from the ATR about a month prior to your form up date.

    As for taking the Oath I would have thought you would take it at the ACIO you were recruited at but if not there is scope to take the Oath on the day you arrive at the ATR.

    (Edit due to typo)
  12. Thanks for your info Modfather.
    I'm sure that there will be time enough to take the oath at the ATR if I douldn't have done it here beforehand
  13. My son takes his oath tomorrow and is off to Winchester in just over two weeks. He was told his date last October!
  14. Hurry up and wait is a term referred to getting beasted from point A to point B in treble time just to be waiting around. Generally described as a culture. (I'm sure someone could describe this better than me!!)
  15. I can't believe the differences in time one is informed about joining dates. I call something like that BAD/NON EXISTENT organisation. Sad!!!