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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stvwardy, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. i meant to ask this at the AFCO office the other day,

    when you actually pass selection and get your terms of selection, how do you get to the actual camp your going to.....

    just wondering if it was in a group {as in the lads/lasses meet up at the train station}...or if you get in a coach with other people going to the same camp as you....

    or you get yourself there by driving/being dropped off

    many thanks...
  2. The ACIO will contact you nearer the time to arrange transport and a driver for your use.

    All the other successful personnel going to your training unit will also be in the same transport thereby giving you a bit of friendly company.

    Just think, if you'd joined the RAF as a pilot you could have had a back seat cabbie in a Tornado.

    Remember to take a few tinnies for the journey and a box of condoms for a last group skiing session.
  3. cheers for that mate, needed to know about the transport, it will be good to have the company on the way down.....

    the condoms.....not so much....

    cheers mate!!
  4. Are you joining the Int Corps?
  5. Do what I did, tab into camp with a 50lb pack on ure back. Then when the guy in the guardroom goes to show you your accommodation - just turn to him and say - give me a 8 fig grid of the block in case you can't keep up.

  6. cheers for the replies everyone, im joining the Royal Logistics,
  7. No need to rush then
  8. What about driving there yourself and leaving your car in the barracks?
  9. good point about driving myself there, im unsure as to whether i would be allowed to do this...
  10. you will probably be sent a travel warrent.
  11. I know that at Lichfield you can't drivce yourself there and leave your car at the barracks.

    I was issued a rail warrant from my nearest train station to the nearest station to Lichfield ATR, then got on a minibus to camp after a short wait at outside the trainstation.

    You'll probably see a few guys on your train that are headed the same way as you - they'll be the ones with huge bags. And there will be a small gaggle of new recruits accumulating outside the station between minibus rides.

    It may pay to take note of the guard room number that is written on your enlistment papers as you may have to call them to notify them you've arrived.
  12. Generally it is better if you can bring your own car but you will need to book a parking space because there are obviously a limited number available. You should write to 'The RSM' of the camp you are going to and request a parking space is made available for the duration of your training.

    If you want to make life that bit easier, and show you have thought ahead, it is worth asking the space is as close to your accommodation block as possible.
  13. cheers for all the advice people its answered what i needed to know

  14. Oh and don't forget to enjoy your stay.