Basic 6 Weekend Training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Trackchamp, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Further to my first post on joining the TA, got a few questions that i hope can be answered here please

    Made contact will my local unit, who very briefly explained the joining process, ie drill nights and the 6 weekends, plus the 2 week final course.

    Are the weekends run the same at all RE units? is it a standard format?
    what things are covered from we1 through to we6?

    is there plenty of bullsh*t or is there no time due to time restraints

    what is the 2 week course like

    sure there are plenty on here that have recent experinces of all
  2. I'm led to believe there is a 45 minute lesson on how to read the 24 hour clock during the 6 weekends leading up to camp. Perhaps this gives you an indication of the caliber of people you will be surrounded by.

    The two week camp is a compressed version of regular training including field skills and basic military skills. The regular staff (in my experience) are extremely competent and know what they are talking about but funnily enough they also tend to despise the TA so that’s something for you to look forward to when you're getting taught how to crawl on your hands and knees up a f*&*ing hill.

    On the plus side the majority of the people you will be with are fat incompetent morons so you the bar is reasonably low.

    For example I ran my 1.5 miles in just under 10 minutes (a pass but certainly nothing to write home about) and that meant that out of 130 recruits I was the 9th fastest(!!!!) Some people were waddling round in 14 minutes plus which is quite surprising seeming as Im reasonably sure I could walk 1.5 miles faster then that.

    On my first night in Bassingborne one of my platoon decided he was going to drink all 2ltrs of the homemade vodka he had smuggled with him into camp, whilst by himself, in the dark, while everyone else slept. When he had finished doing this he attempted to set fire to our billets by soaking his large underpants in alcohol and striking a match. After he was promptly escorted of the camp by the RMP we were informed by our plt sgt that we were obviously a bunch of sh*ts and therefore no NAAFI and no privileges during the entire two weeks. (he was already in a sh*t mood because one of us turned up that morning with our own fu*king bayonet, bought off e-bay)

    During my fire & manuver test, timed to coincide with the hottest day in recorded UK history (37 C), my partner took on average 70 seconds to perform his mag changes. We were there a long time.

    On the plus the two former regs on the course (old timers forced to redo basic due to time elapsed since leaving) were both sound, modest and fantastic soldiers who both put up with the bull%*te much better then I did. Its just the other 25 morons that were the problem.

    One final piece of advice. On your first day on the ranges, as you watch the sub-humans bomb up their mags with live ammo for the first time, I'd advise you to hang well back and rediscover your faith in the Almighty.

    Best of luck chum.
  3. Thanks V0jnik, a very detailed account,i sort of guessed it may be a little bit interesting to say the least

    not to sure which unit you are at, but i'm looking at 72 in wakefield, do all recruits go through the same course then, i'm one of the 'got to start from scratch' due to time out

    thanks again
  4. I was in the last generation that got their pre-CMS training with their own unit. Following that everyone gets all mixed up during these 6 weekends that lead up to camp. Its supposed to guarantee that everyone is of the same standard come camp.

    For instance in my unit we got 3 intensive weekends before camp plus numerous parade nights. Other units made a habit of interviewing people, issuing them ancient kit (I personally saw one poor sod turn up with a 25 year old engineering Bergen last used to carry mines round the Falklands) and then packing them off to camp.

    While getting everyone to the same standard before camp makes sense the unfortunate side-effect is that the training is set to the lowest common denominator. Hence the 45 minute lesson on the 24 hour clock.

    Now in fairness i haven't been on these weekends but recruits coming back from them to my unit, upon being asked how it went, inevitably just grimace and roll their eyes.
  5. Ok then, best i get my dates sorted and crack on, but you advise not to turn up on weekend one with a big fu*k off knief and a crate of stella in my bag :)

    Any body else with advice please feel free to comment

    Thanks again
  6. VOjnik

    Are you Polar?

    He's a right moany girl at times, too.
  7. So, would you suggest one ten-minute lesson, sorrounded by 40-minute periods? Or one five-minute lesson?

    ( your answer indicates the quality of student at RTC. )

    Its not really. Naturally,, if you've recently done the Regular CIC / phase 2 course I'm happy to bow to your knowledge.

    I was going to reply to the rest of your comments, but life is too short. You are NATOs whiniest crow.
  8. He's got a point about the 24hr clock lesson :D
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Not really.

    1. Prelims (Intro, layout, no smoking, fire exits) 5 minutes.
    2. Joe removes boots 5 minutes
    3. Lesson on 24 hour clock 10 minutes (toes as counting aids - Riflemen under training to provide suitable numbers of extra digits for all times after 2000-hrs)
    4. Reteach Joe to tie boots 23 minutes
    5. End of lesson tidy 2 minutes.

    Total lesson plan 45 minutes.
  11. Your Grace..

    You've omitted..

    -DS tell War Stories and lies to adoring, supine crows
    -Previous CBRN lesson overruns ( again - why is it always CBRN? )
    -DS drink coffee
    -DS look out of window and draw attention to amusingly-shaped cloud
    -DS curse PSAO as the rats have gnawed through the server cable so the LAN is u/s and as he was a right clever **** removing every lesson from the PCs NOBODY CAN ACCESS ANY BLOODY LESSONS GAAAAH
    -DS realise that its not actually a cloud but the accomodation is on fire
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Thrashings - you missed out thrashings.

    No recruit training period is complete without excessive cursing and a physical thrashing!
  13. You weren't by any chance a platoon sgt at ATR bassingborne in 2006?
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  15. My bold, I think that was his point :wink: