Basic... 25th feb 2013

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No no I'm female but why am I being re- directed to a female forum?
You aren't, it was merely a suggestion of a thread to have a gander at in the event it might be of use. Used to be a basic training date thread around too but ain't seen it for a while.

Anyway, welcome to ARRSE.
Thank you! It's. a confusing site but I'm sure I will get to grips soon!
i will have a gander at that thread thank you! M guessing you are already serving?
Me? no alas, I'm just an ARRSE lurker who used to be in the TA. Although I am currently applying to join.

Some of the people who occasionally look at this part of the forum are recruiters so can answer the more sensible questions a person has. The rest are lunatics who can answer the less sensible questions :-D
Ahhhh I see a lurker lol!....what are you looking to join? I'm pretty excited to get started!... I think I've been lucky in that my recruitment. Centre have been amazing lol! ....
RAMC as a Combat Medical Technician. Failing that, Comms Sys Op with Royal Signals.

Always found most recruiters I've met to be pretty decent. Feel sorry for some of the front desk folk as they get some really bone questions.


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Gentlemen, you have let me down, you have let your fellow Arrser's down, but above all you have let yourselves down.

Not one of you has asked the OP for pix.

Standards FFS.


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There is a tradition on this website that a young woman, or slightly older woman come to that, will be invited to post photos of herself displaying her womanly charms whenever she makes her initial post.

I suggest that you look and learn for a while.

As I said you have much to learn Padawan (and if you can get past the first couple of days impeneterable banter, you will learn).
i think i am going to break the tradition of posting pixs of me 'charms' this time and soak up any knowledge i can get before basic training starts .... lol ...
there are plenty of sites on facebook for 'charming' young /old men lol
and im only 26 lol not over this hill yet lol
i encourage banter it makes my day lol


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Don't lol, and don't txt spk. It just winds everyone up.

There are lots of stickies in the recruitment threads, and there are regiment/corps forums so you can learn lots without asking silly stuff.

Once you have an idea of where you want your career to go then start asking specific questions. In the meantime feel free to post outrageous stuff in the Naafi, just be prepared to be hounded for it. And yes, at some stage someone else will ask for "pix".

If I were you (and I'm not) I'd try and find "Grey Mafia" and "Dale the Snail", and see what they have to say. A word to the wise, don't ask them bone questions.
thankyou for the heads up..
still getting to grips with this site however any comments welcome.
i have an idea of where i would like my career to go however im aiming to get through basic first
what i have read so far has been useful.
Nicole, you should know that we hate "who is going to basic" threads. All of the ATR's have their own sticky for posting dates etc.

You should also know that the majority of users here were best friends with Jimmy Saville so you shouldn't really be chatting to them and accepting sweets.

and finally there is a thread for the girls to get together and chat about basic etc with regards to girls issues, I will leave it at that. It is moderated so if the chaps step in asking for naked pictures they get a good slap.

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