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Basic 16 June

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by the_moon, May 18, 2008.

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  1. Anyone starting basic on 16 June? More to the point, anyone doing it at Pirbright? Let me know how your fitness is going and how your prepairing.
    Nice one
  2. Yes i'm going in then too.
    I left the army last year at ATR bassingbourn a while before passingoff (long story i was bein a mongtard)

    but re-enlisted, and bein fast tracked, he said ill be goin in about 2 months to ATRP so im more or less guessing thats when im goin in if thats the next intake for adult entries.

    My fitness is ok lol, i left army like i said last year, never ever maintained my fitness, but got cracked on with my running and upper body last week, gettin there like, still coughing up after running but id say i could do the 1.5miler no problem, so im more or less on a fitness programme for the next 2 months, but to you im guessing your going to be new to the army scene, so a tip for you, if you can do all the selection stuff easy, your good to go, dont be too scared training is all progressive in the army and the long runs/tabs are left to the last weeks where you will be super fit compared to when you first walked through the gates.

    what regiment you joining dude? im joining the AAC as groundcrew, hope im not one of few like last year :S 40 in my platoon and only 3 including myself goin in the AAC.

    Good luck with your fitness mate!
  3. Thats good to hear! Its taken 12 months since having my first interview at the carrears office and getting that date. After 10 years of smoking when I first started running I couldnt run half a mile but now im doing 8 milers in just over and hour. I don't really know what to expect for the first couple of weeks but at the ripe old age of 27 I want to make sure im more than fit enough to keep up with the 18 year olds.
    I think you put my mind at ease with that thread, its been 6 months since my selection and been bricking it since then.

    I wanted to join the AAC but my sodding left eye let me down but joining RE now insted, been a in the carpentry game for the last 5 years so sort of makes sense.

    Whats your name? Keep me posted if you get confirmation about the start date.
  4. if youre joining RE, can I ask why youre going Pirbright?
  5. Because Litchfield has closed?
  6. yeh, so RE entrants training at Bassingbourn last time i checked
  7. Correct. 10 points
  8. if you dont watch your mouth out ill bridge the gap from my boot to your bollocks. :wink:
  9. My joining instructions say Pirbright and I believe the phase 2 is still at Bassingbourn.
  10. Thats the spirit! Nice "friendly fire" tactics there son
  11. phase 2 never was at Bassingbourn!

    Phase 1 is at Bassingbourn (nowadays usually) and Phase 2 would be at Gib, let alone phase 3.

    Either your joining instructions are for the wrong ATR or there are a few RE trg at Pirbright.
  12. RE phase 2 is your BC3 (combat engineering stuff) at Gib barracks in surrey.............
  13. damn, he got there first..............