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Bit of a yarn this so I'll cut to the chase

Nov 30th 08 - Bash knee off of concrete floor on weekend jape, didn't really notice how bad it was until end of day where I could walk fine, but getting up/sitting down and going up stairs was very painful. Wrote off as something that'll probably sort itself out as after a while it didn't hurt as much and only in very specific movements (Getting up from crouching position and when kneeling on the knee)

Feb 09 - Finally see GP about knee as situation hasn't improved much, joint flexibility/range of movement is fine but discomfort felt when running, kneeling on knee and getting up from kneeling/squatting positions.

Feb 09 - Get referred to orthopedics and get told I have managed to bruise the knee cap and there is not much in the way of exercises I can do bar giving the thing some proper rest - hard to do in a normal lifestyle. Recovery time might be as long as 18 months and can still be a bit tender thereafter.

Get sent for x-ray the same day and they tell me that yes there is some damage to the knee cap but at the same time there is also a 3mm piece of metal in the knee. I've no idea how a piece of metal could get in there.

March 09 - GP rings me up saying that I'm going to get another referral to discuss whether to have the bit of metal taken out if it seems to be contributing to my problem.

Now, since getting the bad news in Feb, cheesy as it sounds I think a little mind over matter thing kicked in because within a few days the discomfort while running went away and the worst pain now comes from if I put body weight on the face of the knee cap in a specific place. I've also since managed to spend one or two days in bed (lazy I know) or not doing a lot and this has helped a great deal too.

My concern is however that if this is going to take a considerable amount of time to heal, and I have surgery, how would this affect joining?

I intend on starting my application in Jan 2011, I know this seems like a ways off but there are a few things I want to get out the way first before joining (fitness and driving licence, know you can get the latter while in but seems better to me to have one before joining)

Also, has anyone had similar injuries and what did they do to aid recovery or how have they coped with them if they only get better to a point?
Sounds to me like if you're going to have surgery, you should get it out of the way pronto. It'll mean having to rest over summer, but if you leave it until the Autumn/Winter, you'll really be needing to start training for joining in 2011.

Leave it unoperated on and you run the risk of that piece of metal moving about and causing alot of trouble when you're doing alot of phys in basic and beyond.


Yeah, I'm yet to get my appointment confirmation to confirm whether to go/no go on surgery and as I understand it when it comes to surgery theres the principle of its not causing a problem, better to leave it.

Thing is, I've no idea how I got a piece of metal in my knee and the x-ray operator told me that where it is doesn't bear any correlation to the problem I am having now, but sometimes the knee gets a bit of a twinge and it doesn't feel like its on the surface. I don't think I spiked myself with anything at the time of bashing my knee because it was on a bare concrete/lino type floor in an office.

Think I'll tell them to get the metal out if its not meant to be there and its doing nothing no reason to leave it to later cause a problem.
Exactly. Whilst something inside you may not be having an effect (my girlfriend complains of this, I'm not sure why), the nature of the human body is such that objects rarely stay in the same place for long. Get it whipped out, then you don't have to worry about it in later life.
dhgrainger1 said:
Exactly. Whilst something inside you may not be having an effect (my girlfriend complains of this, I'm not sure why), the nature of the human body is such that objects rarely stay in the same place for long. Get it whipped out, then you don't have to worry about it in later life.

In regards to your girl friend...maybe she's just dead on the inside?

A husk with boobs if you will.


Ok so an update

Kneecap is pushed off to right side of joint, should simply take some physio to ease it all back into place, incidentally I am told I have very good bone formation so the consultant was a bit bemused to the severity of the knock my knee must have taken.

However, the x-ray operator I first saw must have been blind because I was told then it was a 2-3mm bit of metal, turns out its actually a 9mm piece of a sewing needle/name badge pin, that sort of thing, foretunately not hypodermic as we could see it was a solid cored when the x-ray got zoomed right in.

But, where its located is nothing to do with my knee problem and I wasn't even aware of it being there and certainly haven't had any discomfort where the needle is located. I am told that getting it out would generate more tissue trauma than is worth doing and that as scar tissue has formed around the thing the needle itself isn't likely to move around.

Is this going to affect my chances of joining the military though that is the question.
I wouldn't have thought it would affect you joining. However, as you go through your career, the amont of battering your knees will take will no doubt dislodge said needle and cause you problems.

If it was ME i would get it whipped out.

Just MHO.


You sound like you are suffering from housemaid's knee, aka prepatellar bursitis.

What do you work as, do you spend a lot of time on your knees? (ie rent boy... plumber...) However this can also be caused by a one off blow to the knee, like you describe.

Obviously I've not seen your knee and can't diagnose, but speak to your doctor and ask their thoughts. In the meantime consider taking some over the counter anti inflammatory drugs ie Ibuprofen, and rest the knee.

Severe cases are treated with surgery, but usually it'll just go. If you're getting surgery anyway, they would probably sort it all out then. Best of luck!


Well, 6 week course of physio is due in about...oh 8 hours so hopefully will see some signs of improvement over the next two weeks, if not then I'll be due having a few scalpels whirled at me.

I'm a part time sales assistant (technically stopped being a student a few days ago) so occasionally have to take a knee to get to lower store racking but its not like I'm always on the knees - even if providing world class customer service is metaphorically licking the customers arrse but I digress. Initially there was pain while doing squats, coming to a stand from crouching. After doing some basic exercises (charlie chaplain style squats, resembling a bobbing policeman I guess) thats helped get rid of that pain but there is still an inability to comfortable kneel on the front/lower of the kneecap, hopefully the phys will sort that out.

As to NSAIDs I've been prescribed Voltaren (awesome name) but it doesn't do much for the problem, the consultant I saw recently noted that there was only the tiniest bit of difference in how much my knees could bend when trying to draw my heel towards my backside when on the table.

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