Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bawheed, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. curently i have aquired some goretex sheeting in various camoflage including british army desert and the normal stuff we wear day to day and a few other countries. i am planning to make a few bashas out of these but do not have any plans for themhas any one got any ideas maybe jay jays or trooper could lend me a hand i dont know was just wondering really all help appreciated
    p.s. i am not a walt just using good contacts for the stuff so thought might save maself some cash cheers
  2. cheers thanks they have the right idea but am loomking for actual plans just so a dont **** it up really
    gonna have to take it to a tailores jst to put hems around it but owell cheers any way
    any more ideas????
  3. I take it you haven't got, or can't get hold of, the issue one & just copy that?
  4. well i wouldnt be that smart would i lol well ya see i have seen lots of variants not of the issue 1 just of bashas in general so was going to see if any1 had any ideas first. if pictures are availiable then plz post thm i can guess sizes as to my height and to get the right length of material its more or less the attachment points n bits and bobs really hems n shit itl be a night mare doing it but if it saves money well thats ma concern cheerrs for the idea might use itin the end thatnx keep em coming though
  5. Maybe Google Ray Mears?
  6. tried it hes got some aye but there about 200 bucks so that mightbe a bit to complicated lol think i might use the old sausage bag hoops for the eyelet gonna see the tailoress tommorow to see how much all of tghis will cost or might pull a couple of favours wi ma nan to see if shel do it lol
  7. Bawheed:

    1) Pack it in with the text speak - this is a forum for grown ups.
    2) If you wish to make a basha then you don't really need a design. It's just a square of material, hemmed with eyelets around the edges and in the corners. Make it about 7 foot 6" square. It might need to be made out of two panels sewn up the middle in which case use a french seam. (Google it). A 25mm webbing loop in the middle would be useful, make it about a 6" long loop.
    3) Bashas don't need to be made in goretex as they don't need to breathe.

    A better idea would be to use it to make a bivvi bag.
    A simple bivvi bag needs to be about 7 foot long with a drawcord hem at one end. You can soon work out the diameter by wrapping yourself in the material. Buy yourself an electric sewing machine off ebay (cheap) and you can make the whole thing yourself for a few quid. You will also learn a lot rather than putting your Nan out. If she can do the job ask her to teach you rather than expecting her to do it. Give her some respect and she will come to respect you. Your friends will have more respect for you if you can honestly say "I made this" than if they know you pestered your Nan into doing it for you.

    Oh and once more - lay off the text speak.
  8. Why would you want to make a goretex basha? The whole point of goretex is its breathability, but a basha doesn't need to be breathable. PU coated nylon is the stuff for bashas, if you've got some buckshee goretex, why not try knocking up some bivi bags.
  9. Doh! Too slow, I must be getting old.
  10. I quite agree with the last couple of posts, goretex is the wrong material for a basha.

    If you do decide to make a bivvy bag don't forget to tape the seams.

    What I'd suggest though, is that try and find a niche, something that no-one else has but which people might concievably want, and make that.

    Goretex ear-warmers anyone?

    Or alternatively, what about a Goretex condom, so you can dip your wick without it getting wet, and where your swimmers can still get out and do their job?

  11. Hmm, it seems that the pore size of goretex is 0.1 microns, and the little swimmers have a head diameter of about 3, so it should work ok :) best tape the seams though...

    I'll get me (goretex) coat
  12. Goretex Bergan/Daysack/Pouch liners
  13. If he's never done any sewing before a bivvi bag would be the easist thing to get started on. I suppose gaiters would be a possibility but perhaps not in desert dpm! Depends on the material thickness too.
  14. thank you for the input. ideas are all good might try the pouch liners with some of it apoligies for the 'text speak' its just natural to the youth of today owel il try and improve . gonna give the bivvi a try . any 1 got the spec ie if it needs basha poll's and what not. ive seen them before but just in the usual websites. does any one know where i could get some goretex tape for the seams. ex stab i dont think my nan would be 'put out by it .it is that she has already got a sewing machine but she is a tailoress and wouldnt let me use her tools of the trade so to speak just like a good chef wouldnt let you use his knifes or a solidier wouldnt let you use his wepon as it is sighted to only him thats why a would ask the favour and she wont let me use it so going to pull the favour instead. tartan terrier has got a good idea with the niech bit so has any one got any ideas on that thanks yall