basha/poncho bag

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by My_round, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. This is a pretty stupid question I know but…

    My basha bag split down the seam (it being as usual for army bags, too small for the thing it was supposed to contain!). Handed it in to my Q who said they’d get a replacement. Next time I went down they told me that there was no point in getting another one as it would just split too.

    Have given up on ever getting another one from them so does anyone else have any good ideas for carrying your basha/poncho around in without it shedding water/random bits of forest floor into the rest of your kit.

    I await the dozens of jokes about my basha bag splitting sounding painful etc etc! :roll:
  2. That sounds a bit questionable logic surely? Pester them again im sure they wouldnt say "oh well your boots will just wear down in the sole no point replacing them". Sounds like "Stores are for storing" syndrome
  3. Just keep it in the top (outside)pocket on your bergan, after first getting a new stuff sack for it, to keep your pegs in!
  4. Use an old civvie sleeping bag pouch??
  5. I split my bag once, fixed it myself with some heavy duty cat gut and a darning needle. The MO was quite impressed by my handy work even though it had gone septic, still one balls better than none !
  6. Seconded.

    That way you can always get a basha up straight away without fookin around with your kit.
  7. erm ....... Yeah! :D

    any old stuff sack mate- a few quid from military kit shops (hm supplies, etc) or your pri shop.
    you could also use any heavy duty plastic bag, clear or plain dark colored for the more 'ally' look, as a Tesco carrier bag just does not portray the Ally image.
    having it in an outside pocket of your bergan is a good plan as has been said.
  8. I use the rear bergan pouch it fits in there with the bungee's attached and room for a few decent pegs.