Basha building

Right chaps for want of being slated, I am about to teach cadets the fine art of basha building and would like a refresher if you don't mind (I spent all of my regular career living on the back decks of an ARRV so am obviosly a little rusty).

Going to cover a couple of types ridge and lean to mainly but would like a few pointers on personal kit placement within the shelter (i.e does your bergan and webbing go at your feet or your head or do you place it wherever it's convenient, if 2 people occupy do you lie head to toe or both heads to the opening etc.)

Cheers for your help in advance

if you are going for the 'by the book' version then it should be a lean-to type, facing out from the nice triangular harbour area. Bergens and webbing should be at the open end and both people should be facing out.

If you are going for the comfey version, get a 9x9, a fold up bed and a paraffin stove...;)

But then again, it's been a good few years since I did either....;)

Thanks JT4T and MiB

MiB have attempted to PM you but for some reason message is stuck in outbox, any ideas as to why?.


Just read FAQ now I know why its stuck in my outbox.
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