Basha advice?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booty_cadet, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. Its just a poncho isnt it?
  2. Could be something else.

    Not clued up on inanimate DPM sheet recognition these days.
  3. Hmmm, booty_cadet your not related to 5.56 are you? :(
  4. Sorry i thought there was info on that page too. Its basically just a kind of poncho that packs up nice and small. Just wondered if people knew if it had any problems or knew a cheaper place to get one.
  5. 25 fecking quid! For a poncho!
  6. Beware PU coated. I don't know about this particular bit of kit, but PU coating has a habit of separating from the base fabric, so you end up with something that's not waterproof. You could re-proof, though, but the inside would remain tatty.

    Is IRR an issue? This possibly isn't, being nylon. edited - forget this comment, didn't look at your username - not a problem for a cadet.
  7. Nah. But if you're starting to miss him I'll post some top "tips".

    edited to say: are you trying to say my grammar/spelling is bad? I'm insulted
  8. Ahomygod! 8O
  9. Nopes, don't really care bout IRR, I'm only a cadet. Most of us aren't that walty to get......whatever it is that sees IR.
  10. I could suggest you look arround the surplus shops or e bay or may be your QMs if your sponsor unit gives you kit, and search for those plain green issue bashas, just like a poncho, with no hood in the middle, same idea with the loops and attachment points and although not dpm should not make a big difference to you..... and the advantage that if you have to buy it, the price wont be 25 Quid. I know there were a lot going cheap a few years ago as they brought in the DPM bashas and all the olive green ones went surplus. worth a try
  11. It looks, tougher than the sass kit one. Do you know if the thing on the right of the picture is the thing it packs into?
  12. It looks like the drawcord bag.
  13. Thanks, sorry we don't get issued those. We get issued the crappy 58' pattern ponchos. The problem is all the ones at my unit are starting to turn slightly yellow for reasons unknown. Which is the reason I'm looking for a new one.