Basement, Sex Slaves, All that is missing is a Shed.

Any of our Chinese brethren missing chaps?
I aint seen PG for a while? or is he still at dale farm with his bucket of lard and gerbils?


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Just been down to check the sh*d. It is still there but nightfall is two hours away. Digging in and zombie ready. Tell my Mum I loved her.
Any of our Chinese brethren missing chaps?
I haven't heard from Uncle Bai lately. He was Engineers.

Might explain a lot.
Is our glorious Chairman Mao really dead?....
I often wondered what old Cung Kee Choy got up too after I discharged him as my SewSew, you can never tell what goes on inside their yellow skin, so damned inscrutable and fiendish.
Roo Bee hasn't been on for a while, spouting shite that looked and sounded Chinese
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