Basement flood

Discussion in 'DIY' started by bigpod, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. I live in a very nice MQ in BFG. This morning I found a flood from the boiler room, through three other basement rooms. Cue frantic mopping, etc - job now done.
    However, water is still running into the basement. There is a pipe - looks like an overflow, running from somewhere outside straight INTO the basement. It now has a bucket under it, but is requiring emptying every 45 minutes.
    Does anyone know what this pipe might be? There are no downpipes running to it, and no drains/sumps, etc., in the back garden. I am stumped (and wet).
    There has obviously been a lot of snow melt recently, and I would think the groundwater is high.
  2. Pics would help..

    The only way to stop the flooding would be from the outside, so you may have some digging ahead of you, along with getting a gas line survey/permit to dig, as it is on MoD land.

    Finally you could of course ring whoever is in charge of the MQ's.
  3. Don't get me started.

    It is more than likely a pipe somewhere, that has a teeny tiny nick in it. We thought the leak in the kitchen extension was caused by snow thawing and it was coming through the airbrick so put a bucket underneath it and emptied it every hour or so. Come Christmas Day, the lad electimacuted himself turning the light on at the far end of the kitchen (he survived) so I reported it to the insurance company - HSBC)* and they said they would get someone to contact me within 2 working days.

    Roll on Tuesday 2115hrs, I get a phone call from a very nice lady called Charlotte at Europassistance asking if anyone had contacted me yet about the leak. Nope, says I, and I think the kitchen is about to fall apart. From that moment on, everything just fell into place. The sparky was out the followng morning and took the offending fuse out of the fuse box (I really have had no lights since then - I am relying on lamps and torches and headlamps and candles) so we don't blow ourselves up again. The roofers were there that afternoon looking for the problem - which was a 1 inch crack in a teeny tiny pipe that we didn't even know was there, so they took about half the ceiling off and lagging, did an emergency repair and were just brilliant.

    I still, however, have a trashed kitchen but have come to terms with it since I got the quote from the building boys. £8.5k. I'm thinking laminate flooring.....

    The whole kitchen will have to be re-done, the carpet is trashed, the cooker is trashed (bear in mind I had to buy all new stuff anyway when I got back from the Falklands - washing machine, oven, fridge freezer, tumble dryer) and to top it all off, the choc chocs that Joker bought me for my birthday were trashed too!

    That's all I have to say about that really, less for that the surveyor is coming out tomorrow, which means I save some more money by not taking the dog to the vets in Ripon.

    Dale T of the trashed kitchen.

    * As soon as this place is fixed, I am switching my mortgage, home insurance and credit card away from the HSBC, they are ******* useless.
  4. Nothing as dramatic in my case, but after mopping on Sunday all seemed well.

    Mon/Tues/Wed all fine.

    ffwd to today - EPIC amounts of water running in - approx 40 litres per hour.

    HCSO/GWA contacted, who proceeded to contact the landlord (it is a German hiring)

    Landlord turfs up, looks at the offending pipe, says "grundwasser - eine stunde" (or similar) and goes away.

    After an hours of bucket emptying and mopping he turns up again, puts a cap on the pipe, smiles nicely and goes.

    All is well (but wet).

    But I still don't know WHY there is a groundwater pipe running into the cellar from the back garden. I want to know - anyone? And if it was ssupposedd to be like that, is it aalright with a cap on.