Basel Tattoo - anyone going?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by viceroy, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Starting this weekend.

    This is the line up:

    Aimachi Marching Band (Japan)
    Band of the Australian Army Band Corps (Australien)
    Band of the Coldstream Guards (England)
    Band of the Grenadier Guards (England)
    Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland (Schottland)
    Basel Tattoo Chor (Schweiz)
    Basel Tattoo Garde (Schweiz)
    Heeresmusikkorps 10 (Deutschland)
    OzScot Dance (Australien)
    SkyDance Celtic Stars (Irland)
    Swedish Army Band (Schweden)
    Swiss Army Central Band (Schweiz)
    19 Regiment Royal Artillery Pipes and Drums (England)
    102 REME Pipes and Drums (England)
    Manchester Regional Police and Fire Pipes and Drums (USA)
    Pipes and Drums of the 51st Highland, 7th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland (Schottland)
    Pipes and Drums of the Royal Air Force Leuchars (Schottland)
    Royal Army of Oman Pipes and Drums (Oman)
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Pipes & Drums (Schottland / Deutschland)
    South African Irish Regiment Pipes and Drums (Südafrika)
    Swiss Highlanders (Schweiz)
    Tasmania Police Pipe Band (Australien)

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  2. I'm going.

    Oh, no I'm not. I hated listening to the ******* bands whilst I was still in, I'm certainly not wasing my free time on it now!
  3. thanks for the heads up Viceroy.

    I'll be avoiding Kleinbasel this weekend like the plague this weekend then, unless it's stupid o'clock.
  4. Proper_Gander! I was worried you were one of them crazies that drove with a yellow former postal service Fiat Panda through Pakistan! Glad to see it wasn't you! I haven't decided if I go, but I have a friend over who loves tattoos so I might end up going to the parade. Why avoiding it, what it so bad about it?
  5. Apart from the ******* noise?
  6. NURSE! Smudger has again not taken his medicine, prepare the suppository...
  7. close enough. went north to Central Asia from Iran though. Pakistan was never on the agenda and as the place was underwater at the time not feasible anyway!

    what happened to the copycats then?

    the best feature of Basel is the Rhine, the Tattoo ruins it with bagpipes and old people.
  8. See PM.

    Ah well, I guess I'll go and help some of the older Semesters cross the road. Love the bagpipes myself.
  9. not a fan of them, my dislike reaches new heights after 2 weeks of it.
    it's done to the extreme.
  10. #

    My boss at 2RGJ played the bagpipes. He was a mahoosive body building Welsh chap from Merthyr. Day in, day out, he played the ******* things. Can't stand them!
  11. Do you know Steve McLaughlin?