Base very nearly over-run

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by OldRedCap, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. Errm. Sensible thread, interesting read.

    "Clothing and Equipment"? Can a Mod move this to Current Affairs?
  2. My fault. Old eyes don't line up with cursor!
  3. The most telling part of this for me is the willingness of the US CoC to learn from this. I strongly suspect that had the same happened to a UK base, brown would insist it was hushed up 'for security reasons' (to protect his political fortunes) and an opportunity to learn to do things better will be missed.

  4. The Russians had similar experiences in Afghanistan as well, one particular incident involved the near anhilation of an infantry company, it became so infamous it was turned into a film a few years after the event. If you have a chance take a look at '9th Company'; it's in Russian but subtitled.
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  5. Not the first time such an incident has taken place (though certainly the most costly)
    iirc FOB ROB was nearly overrun not long before British troops occupied the location, EN Forces were only stopped when a USSF solder turned a 50.HMG around and fired through the fob to repel insurgants trying to scale the opposite perimeter
  6. I am not sure your suspicion is correct. It does vary from discipline to discipline. The US Military tends to be quite good on "lessons learned" US police not bad at it but the US fire services tend to spend too much time patting themselves on the back.

    Because of my job I read a lot re response to terrorist incidents. I have read two British "lessons learned' documents on your subway bombings. They wore quite frank and honest about command and control failures, commo problems and lack of situational awareness. I learned a lot from reading them.

    On our side Homeland Security has created a secure website called "Lessons Learned Information Sharing" open only to emergency service officials that is a goldmine of good lessons and honest after action reports.
  7. Sorry, i wasn't clear. My point was, that this government puts politics ahead of everything. If there was a signifcant political cost to being open regarding UK domestic responces to terrorist attacks, they would suppress those also.

    We (the UK) are run by politics. for example, the police are governed by politics. (see this thread) and quote below. This is how the UK government thinks.

    As the under-resourcing of the UK AFG contribution is a big political topic at the moment, there would be significant political fallout from any UK incident similar to the thread subject, I am certain that coverage and public discussion would be suppressed by the UK government, even knowing that failing to learn these lessons my cost more british lives.
  8. Clothing certainly i bet their shredies were an interesting shade!
  9. Link to 9th Company trailer here

    And from Amazon uk
  10. I am constantly surprised by what folks find on U Tube.
    Now why has Sergey kept this secret from us ?
  11. It is a very good movie.....kind of a downer at the end in some ways though.

    8 international troops and 2 Afghans killed in attack on military outposts in Afghanistan

    KABUL — 8 international troops and 2 Afghans killed in attack on military outposts in Afghanistan.


    The attack happened yesterday morning.

    More info from the Beeb

    Soldiers killed in Afghan battle

    Eight foreign soldiers and two Afghan troops have been killed in a fire-fight in Afghanistan, officials say.

    The battle happened in Nuristan province in the remote east of the country when military outposts were attacked, a Nato statement said.

    A US military spokeswoman described it as a "complex" attack.

    Violence has escalated in eastern Afghanistan in recent months as insurgents have relocated from the south of the country.

    In a statement, Nato's International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said that tribal militia launched attacks on foreign and Afghan fighters from a mosque and a village.

    "Coalition forces effectively repelled the attack and inflicted heavy enemy casualties while eight Isaf and two ANSF (Afghan National Security Forces) members were killed," the statement said.

    News Now is brilliant! Just discovered it.
  13. Unfortunately Afghanistan is not as clear cut as we’d perhaps like it. Local warlords tend to have their militias as a powerbase to both project power and protect their own interests whether these are drug cultivation and or smuggling, or just plain vanilla smuggling.

    He with the biggest gun/gang tends to get the kudos out here. It is deeply ingrained in the culture and has been going on waaaaaaaay before we even thought about going to Afghanistan because those pesky Ruskies were getting uppity.

    All this talk of democracy, free elections, security, improving the economy etc is all bad for business if you are some jumped up bully from some poo hole of a village that gets through by providing protection to your local area. Anyone who threatens this status quo is a threat and is dealt with accordingly. Then ISAF rocked up with better (read ‘bigger’) weapons. What to do? Throw your hand in with anyone else who is upset at these multi-national foreign wogs who seem to be cutting about your opium field and compounds, cramping your style getting those contraband bearing mule trains from A to B?

    Taliban has a meaning (though Christ knows what and no I don’t mean just ‘student’)

    Enemy would be a better catch all as it encompasses all those friendly militias we are not threatening. Yet.

    A bit windy but I had beans for lunch.