Base layers - the best- and the erm :-D

I've currently got a berghaus 3/4 zip to kneck - long sleeved, seems to do the job, would love 2 or three of them but cost £40 each! :-(, heard the snugpak one was ok , long sleeved version -£20, any input?
no imput? is this a needleess or pointless thread? :-S
To be honest mate , and i mean honest we tend to get Helly Hansen lifa
tops and spend the rest of our money on beer . I hope that helps. Most
units have ''gucci kit wallah's'' they spend all there kit on the most upto
date textiles etc etc . But generally most soldiers tend spend there spare
cash on a pair of boots, a smock, a softie and a few other bits and bobs .
The rest of there cash goes on fast women , beer, car's on fianance and
a hliday in the sun with the boys .
definatley can see the logic in that mate, just try to stick to wat i preech "buy cheap, buy twice" if ive got the cash spend it on someting worthwhile then pish it up the wall :-D
i personally much prefer merino wool baselayers to any man-made fibre.

merino baselayers don't move sweat away as effeciently as man-made fibres, BUT, they are vastly more comfortable to wear when they are wet than the man-mades and they don't stink.

a helly will stink - and really stink - after one day, a merino top will be quite civilised enough to wear into a pub after wearing it for a week. no shit.

a merino will, bizaarely, feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. personally i'm a big fan of Icebreakers 190 'superfine' T-shirt design and the 200wt 'Skin' L/S top. i got mine in Australia at about half the cost, but the same products are available here. incidently i wore the 190 wt T-shirt around Melbourne in 38c and didn't sweat like a pig, just felt really comfy.

can't recommend them enough, they are steep (£30 starting price) but you'll love it and wear it all the time.

usually available from high end civvy climbing shops and Slush and Rubble.

decent gear shop

Slush and Rubble (but lovely tits on the model)
Like the Lifa tops, borrowed an OG one off a mate for easter camp...

Should probably give it him back soon.
OK Lifa kit is good stuff , and whatever you buy , in our job you will
wear it out soon. So get your Berghaus kit , in the army it will get worn
out or before it gets worn out it will get nicked . Buy cheap, quality kit ,
that is not too gucci that i wont attract the SQN scousers .
It wasnt a "i no better" comment , just askin opinions and putting mine across, if i knew of a site where i can buy "cheap" and "quality" kit id go there instead
I can recommend the Helly hansen Lifa range than mate , good stuff and pretty cheap , berghaus kit is top notch , but just a little too ''shiny''for
some of the less moralistic members of the army . It really depends on
''Do you really really need it ''or are you trying to be ''Kit boy''
Please bear in mind that whatever the advantages of synthetic fibers are, they can have a catastrophic effect if the wearer receives burns - the synthetic fibers melt and stick to the burn wound making it far far worse.
How serious are you? For the ultimate thermal base layer, try:-

Their kit is made from merino wool and is superb. A 200g Ullfrotte base layer under your smock will keep you warm in an English winter. Add a fleece midlayer, and you'll be toasty bagging a yuletide Munro.

Edited to add. This kits hard to find in the UK, but its available through:-


deliver net underwear. Locks gayer than most but are comfy as hell.

Aclima does sell over in the land of carpets and bad plumbing by akaamilitary

Sorry for the shite spelling i am a Norwegian Dyslectic.
I use zensah myself i like 'em they mainly do compression stuff but also some lose fit, its got silver in it to stop bacteria, and smell, works really well if you read the reviews on military morons theres a discount code.

anyway i find there stuff great and with the £ kicking the $'s ass at the moment it works out quite resonable.

Musto have produced a long sleeved thermal top with that micro anti wash stuff in it £30 ish
Norge said:


deliver net underwear. Locks gayer than most but are comfy as hell.

Aclima does sell over in the land of carpets and bad plumbing by akaamilitary

Sorry for the shite spelling i am a Norwegian Dyslectic.
It was worth going to the 'aclima' site just for that little paragraph on the home page, bring on the winter!

and yes, the bird on the snow and rock site has got nice tits!

I feel like I should throw in another link:
I always used to like the aircrew polo necks, you pick them up in decent surplus shops for a few quid
Just to add,

zensah are now doing a fall discount if you enter discount code fall50 you get 50% off plus the prices are in $s so its cheap enough to buy a few test pieces.

personally i cannot recommend them highly enough, i use the "SEAMLESS TACTICAL SHIRT LOOSE FIT" for anything involving physical training, cft, running, gym, etc. also there sports socks are great, not tried the tactical over calf socks but i've heard good things and have a pair ready for my next cft.

oh and delivary is pritty quick from the states.

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