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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by maat, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Wonder if anyone here can help me with this.

    Is it against the law for wives/partners to stay in the room on base?

    Thanks :eek:

    MOD Edit, I had to move this to the NAAFI, it was just too good for 'The Other Half' to keep. FF.
  2. quite a few questions in that question.

    What does German law have to do with British Army Bases in Germany as to who can and cant stay at the Barracks? It all down to military law and standing orders.
    Where does it say that a cousin/sibling can?
    As far as I know, nobody is allowed to have anyone stay in their accommodation, apart from anything its an insurance matter, some barracks have family rooms or surplus quarters that can be hired if vistors are coming.

    If you elaborate a bit then we could possibly give you an answer.
  3. Hi Filbert,

    Thanks for your reply. I wondered that, it does sound unlikely, but I thought I'd check it out for my friend.
  4. it certainly does sound like ham based bullshite.

    It would be in Unit Standing Orders that soldiers cannot have overnight visitors in their accommodation, if he's is caught with her in his room it wont matter whether she's his girlfriend, his wife, his cousin, his mother or a random chick that he's pulled, he'll get bounced and she will be escorted from the Barracks.
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  11. Jurisdiction lies with the British Military Authorities under the Status of Forces Agreement which governs the activities of serving personnel and their dependants.

    Where it becomes complicated is the status of 'dependent' and the issue of 'nationality'.

    For example, in Germany, English dependents are subject to the coercive jurisdiction of the standing civilian court. However, a German National married to a serving UK soldier is not within the jurisdiction of the UK Courts (a standing civilian court being a component part of the English Legal system abroad) since the Germans do not consider the UK authority competent to try German nationals on German soil.

    I know this has little to do with the facts in issue but it illustrates some of the jurisdictional difficulties involved where, for example, you have a UK National who is not possessed of 'dependant' status.

    Who has jurisdiction in respect of non-dependants? They fall within the jurisdiction of the German courts just as any tourist would if visiting the country on holiday and in so doing, submit himself to the law of the country in which he or she happens to be in at the time.

    We then get into a situation of potential liabilty for death or injury of non-dependants on Military establishments abroad. Military establishments are potentially dangerous places for civilians, since contained within their perimeters are armed guards, heavy tracked vehicles, ranges and so on.

    You will therefore find that for the purpose of avoiding, or more accurately, limiting to as small an indentifiable group as possible, the potential for liability in tort for death or injury, there is a presumption against permission being granted for those of non-dependant status for being allowed on service premises for anything other than brief visits.

    As has been mentioned above, Theatre, formation, Garrison and Unit Standing Orders reflect, or should reflect, the rules relating to visits and the duriation of visits by non-dependants.
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