base interest rate rise ?

Now, I know arrse attracts and maintains the interest of many different people, over a wide range of current and not so current topics, with frequent diversions into some very dodgy territory.

However, it has become apparent that many of my fellow arrsers are in fact slightly grumpy, walrus like creatures , who enjoy a single malt by the fireside of an evening and who read the torygraph and the FT. Whilest not being that sort of bloke, I do know those types are far from financially illiterate, and I beg an oracular response from those quarters.

Fuel is spiralling up, along with everything else. 20% VAT ! paid by those who can claim it back as well as those who cannot. inflation figures on the rise. Being at an all time low, and for so long, is an interest rate hike on the cards, and will this affect my huge credit card bills and the HP agreement on my wide flat telly , which plays porn BIGGER than the actors are in real life. In short, I think we are in a trough of complacency, personal debt is still huge, but managable due to the very low interest rate. Is this very low rate set to increase ?

answers on a post card please.

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